Avoid These Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has weaved its way into almost every aspect of our society.  We use some form of technology every single day.  Teachers use tech tools to show students a new perspective on learning.  Medical professionals utilize technology to formulate a more accurate diagnosis and treatment path for patients.

While the super advancement of technology over the past 20 years has made our lives much more interesting and easier in many ways, there are plenty of negative effects that can come along with the overuse of technology.  Take a few moments to read over this brief summary of a few of the less desirable effects of the influx of technology into our lives.

Depression caused from a lack of social interaction

The overindulgence of technologies such as video games and community chatrooms can create the perfect formula for depression.  Not only do gamers tend to overdue their screen time, they tend to isolate themselves from the real live world around them.

Such false pretenses can be a setup for a disastrous social letdown.  Human contact is important for our mental well-being.  Those who spend most of their time invested in an alternate reality can encounter severe depression.

Poor sleeping habits are often developed

People are not typically knowledgeable about the effects of technology pollution on our sleeping habits.  Not only do many gamers keep strange sleeping hours, but the lights and beeps of our many devices interrupt our peaceful sleep cycles.


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The excess light can cause the body to release less melatonin (the sleep chemical), and make a person sleep lighter, making it easier for outside influences to awaken us.

A wide opened platform for bullying

The world’s increased use of technology for social interactions has evolved into a very dark practice for some.  Social media has become a breeding ground for bullying and keyboard confrontations that have resulted in several deaths in past years.

People have more nerve when they do not have to look the subject of their hateful comments in the eyes.  Anonymity tends to bring out the worst in people.

Shortened attention span due to instant gratification

Years of posting and reading information in 140 character segments has actually changed the way our minds work.  It is said that those who spend more than five hours per day have trouble retaining people’s names and other simple information we gather throughout the day.

Technology feeds into our neuroticism

Due to the fast pace in which our technological world works, and the increased workload it takes to survive financially, instances of anxiety have risen dramatically.  Our nerves are wrecked, and technology feeds into that neuroticism.

If we are sick, we Google our symptoms.  Oftentimes our searches lead to increased worry, instead of the calming effect we were originally seeking.

Osho Garg

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