How to Avoid Accidents When Working from a Height

When you work from a height, more risks have to be addressed. These risks increase the likelihood of more serious injuries and even death. This is why it’s paramount to ensure you and your employees are aware of all the dangers associated with working from a height. These are some simple and effective ways to avoid accidents when working from a height.

Don’t Rush In

Before you even contemplate working off the ground, assess the situation. Identify any potential risks or dangers which could affect you and your co-workers. If you’re not there at the time, make sure a qualified, reliable member of staff carries out this risk assessment. These are some risks and dangers you should look out for before starting this type of work:

  • Rotting timber
  • Loose bricks, roofing and other objects
  • Unstable structures
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Possibility of falling objects.
  • Overhead lines and other electrical hazards

Use Proper Equipment and Inspect It Regularly

When working from a height, people’s lives are a stake. Using the proper equipment is vital. Unfortunately, over the years many companies have cut corners, leading to disastrous consequences. Using the proper lifting equipment, safety harnesses, roof anchors and other specialized equipment may cost more to buy or hire. However, not using the appropriate equipment puts people’s lives at risks and could cost you a lot more in the long run.

If you have your own equipment, make sure it’s checked and maintained on a regular basis. People are putting their trust in this safety equipment when they work, so there’s no room for error. If you hire safety equipment, make sure the hire company is reliable and always carry out the appropriate safety checks before they let others use their products.

Wear the Appropriate Gear

Wearing the appropriate safety gear prevents accidents. It also reduces the severity of injuries that occur if an accident happens. Non-slip, protected footwear reduces falls and injuries that occur from other falling objects. Protective clothing, helmets and other headgear reduces the damage caused when an employee falls or gets injured in another way.


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Don’t Work Alone

Many workers are on tight schedules. Some jobs which are off the ground only take a few minutes to complete. In other cases, there may not be anyone available to help you or your workers. In each of these situations, it’s very tempting to take a risk and work from a height while you’re alone. The higher up you go, the more the risk. Many of these jobs also occur in isolated areas. Always working with someone else increases safety. If anything does go wrong, there is someone there to raise the alarm

Don’t Clutter Your Workspace

If you trip when you’re on the ground, it’s normally not too serious. However, if this happens when you’re at a height it’s a different story. Make sure you keep your tools and materials organized to avoid this type of accident. Using the appropriate tool storage products and organizing the materials you use, will greatly reduce the likelihood of falling from a height while you’re working.

Working from a height increases the risk of workplace accidents. This happens to a large number of people each year. However, keeping in mind the safety measures above will greatly reduce the likelihood of you and your staff becoming the latest victims.

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