Amazing advances in Cloud Technology

Technology has evolved so much such that you can use data storage services and pay for them like you pay your utility bills. Now technology users can be able to access software, storage and applications through the internet, thanks to the cloud computing technology. You get all these services without having to build physical infrastructure. This technology has helped due to the nature of limited use of our mobile and technology devices in terms of space and speed.

There are different types of cloud computing which allows you to use a resource of the internet while you pay for them. This is cost effective since you pay for what you use. Also, you may opt to stop using these services if the need arises. In case your company is destroyed by natural calamities, you can still retrieve your data. Another benefit is that you can operate on your data remotely and make changes anytime and anywhere. As each day dawns, the technology reaches extra heights. Here are some of the latest innovations in cloud technology.


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Smartvue cloud surveillance

In the past, surveillance cameras had to be wired to get connected to a mammoth screen in a watchtower. Nowadays companies can connect their surveillance cameras to a third party server thanks to Smartvue cloud surveillance. The cloud surveillance allows you to store recorded videos, manage and view your surveillance cameras and also set security controls. Connected cameras can be operated remotely from a web server anytime. You can get help from firms like Winnipeg IT support experts ResoluteTS on how this and other IT services work.

Cloud-based IBM Watson in Genetic sequencing

Genetic sequencing is the Process of determining the order of building blocks called nucleotides in a DNA molecule. The study shows how inherited traits make an individual susceptible to certain diseases in relation to the environmental factors. This information helps in finding a cure to certain disease e.g. cancer. Cloud-based genetic sequencing gathers all the information in databases on the sequencing of genes in brain cells of cancer patients.

Box view

This is a cloud-based app that converts PDF or word documents into HTML. This enables these documents to be embedded into a mobile app or a web. The technology allows even the people who don’t know programming codes to make web pages that are rich in HTML.

Office 365 apps on the Apple Ipad

This app was originally designed for tablet users. It is cloud-based and very secure. The app is available for free to users of standard office 365 who pay monthly subscription fee.


This cloud-based innovation lets you manage and control Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2). Ec2 is a web service that offers cloud computing capacity that is secure and resizable. Basic6 helps you track and maintain trails of all audits and changes made on each cloud service.

Amazon Workspaces

This is a product of Amazon where a cloud-based desktop is provided to each of your employees’ connected devices. It is a fully managed desktop as a service that runs on Amazon Workspaces. This helps you provide your employees with documents, storage, and application without having to install them on their devices.

With the rate of technological innovations witnessed over the past 10 years, the sky”s the limit. Each day the is a new evolvement in technology.

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