5 Gaming Etiquette Every Gamer Should Know


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Most people play video games to relax, have fun, or to pursue it professionally as a career. There are basically no rules when you”re playing offline or by yourself, because you”re not disturbing anyone no matter how frustrated you get with a certain boss fight or level. However, playing games that require being online and interacting with players have a certain decorum.

Etiquette is always a given especially when it comes to other people but gaming takes it to another level. Gaming etiquette is something that most people don”t know but it is increasingly becoming needed in games that are populated with toxic players who either don”t know their own boundaries or make it a point to ruin other people”s fun. The core point of gaming etiquette is to be decent to people you play with. If you want to know more about it, read on below:

Never Trash Talk

In the heat of exciting gameplay or event, it can be very easy to forget yourself and taunt your enemies six ways from Sunday. Some gamers do it to jeer and taunt opponents as well. There are various levels of trash talk and while most people can brush it off, there are very foul words that may be used that could diminish a person by their race, nationality or even gender.

In professional esports, trash talk is almost never seen in the scene. That”s because apart from the fact that they are representing organizations and sponsors, they know that execution is the priority. You wouldn”t have time to talk smack about opponents when you”re too busy making sure that your gameplay is on par with your teammates.

Avoid Spam

There are some games that have helpful commands you can suggest to teammates. It”s okay to do it once in a while, but never too much in a short span because that is considered spamming. It can be pretty annoying to be spammed by messages or be constantly reminded by what you must do because you”re doing your best to help the team win. It can be demotivating as well so avoid spam to make the gameplay experience better.

Patience Is Key

In almost anything including gaming, not everyone has the level of experience. You could be more experienced than others and you will meet someone who is just starting the game. The point is that patience is a good value to have because you know that at some point in your newness to the game you were given the same courtesy. You may also have had the bad luck of coming across people who blame you for failing the team campaign or clash. A little patience and understanding could go a long way.

Be Attentive & Cooperative

Team games that require a number of players need the cooperation of its members in order to pursue objectives and achieve goals. Sometimes, it can be crucial to be attentive and cooperative because you can form plans to help you win. It also pays to know when to strike so communication with everyone is important. Don”t ignore queries for teammates and be polite when answering.

Additionally, team games can be a lot of fun but if you experience lagging and stutters on your end, make it a point to check your computer for signs of defect. If you think you are ready to upgrade your components, consider investing in a good gaming PC. You get your money’s worth when you do with better features than a normal computer.

Modulate Headset Volume

It”s convenient to go handsfree when playing video games. The purpose of having a headset is being able to constantly communicate with teammates throughout the game. Be conscious of the level of volume of your microphone because it can be an unpleasant experience for others to let them hear you talking, eating, or doing other things. If you are doing things outside of the game, the common courtesy is to mute the mic.

Always Have Fun

The primary purpose of video games is entertainment and unless you’re going pro, it is assumed that you’re playing for fun. Make it a point to have fun by following gaming etiquette so everybody gets the same experience as you.

What other gaming etiquette do you know? Share them in the comments.

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