5 Tips for Using Social Media Technology To Help Your Brand

Social media technology is becoming more of a make-it-or-break-it business cycle item that many companies and brands have to deal with in current times. Either you learn how to use it, or a competitor will, which affects your bottom line.

However, there’s hope for any business that wants to start branding with the available tech, and the following five tips will point you in the right direction – be sure to have a great LinkedIn profile, use Twitter as a conversation-starter rather than a way to advertise, learn to work with social aggregators to save time, find an easy web platform and blog framework to use, and keep the idea of ‘mobile impressions’ in mind.

Have a Great LinkedIn Profile

As far as social networks go, LinkedIn is the most professional. And when you mix the ideas of a professional company with a professional profile, like the Park West Gallery LinkedIn profile, for example, then you begin to give your potential client base a very consistent concept regarding the quality of your work and the scope of your available projects. LinkedIn is the one particular network you need to have as clean and updated as possible at all times.


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Use Twitter as a Conversation Starter      

A mistake many brands made early on when Twitter started was using it just as an opt-in advertising system. This is one of the best ways to simply be ignored. However, by using Twitter to start conversations, the message of your brand comes through much more clearly and organically, and the typical social media user is going to respond by respect the thought and energy you’ve put into it.

Learn To Work With Social Posting Aggregators

If you want go to all out with consistent and controlled social media output, then check out Hootsuite, one of the best social media aggregators for brands and businesses that exists out there. It’s easily one of the most powerful ways to track and analyze.

Find Easy Web and Blog Platforms To Use

Modern branding is all about communication and connection these days, and two of your most important conduits in that regard are websites and blogs. Good thing for you it’s never been easier to find safe, secure, and built-in ways to make websites for company use and have perfectly designed blogs as well.

Target the Idea of Mobile Impressions

Because so many people use their mobile devices primarily, when you’re working with social media and branding, think specifically about ‘mobile impressions.’ These are essentially pieces of time where you get someone’s attention on the go. The more of these impressions that you can get, the more effectively you’re communicating with you target demographic.

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