5 Types of Advanced Eye Technology for the Progressive Individual

If you stop and take a moment to think about it, there”s been lots of advances in technology lately that specifically target the human eye. Ways to see more clearly, or farther away, or in more details – or even to see things that aren”t really there! Particularly with the sense of sight, technology is really ramping up the human perceptibility.

Five advances in particular that you can ponder over include optics in hunting situations, types of eye surgery available, amazing microscopes to help with science and medicine, the coming of age with respect to virtual reality gear, and even the prototypes for computer contact lenses.

Optics In Hunting

Strictly in terms of a very practical nature, you can check out optical gear for hunters that increases the accuracy of human ability, as well as enjoyment because of less frustration regarding the line of sight. Better gear doesn”t necessarily make you a better hunter automatically, but having the right tools, especially to help with visual acuity, will help you develop those skill more quickly.


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Eye Surgery

Nowadays, people have a better chance than ever to be able to see clearly without the encumbrance of gigantic pairs of glasses hanging off their faces. With advances in eye surgery technology, poor eyesight can be corrected to a degree never before thought possible. Advances in measuring techniques, analysis tools, and precision engineering, in general, have bled into the optic field to allow eye doctors to get more people the opportunity to have lower-cost, higher-success procedures on their eyes. And the best thing is that prices continue to go down while the success rates keep climbing, even for people who never thought they”d be able to approach their betterment through surgical means.

Microscopes In Science

One of the barriers to understanding much of the physical world has always been the inability of humans to look closely enough at small details, especially on the microscopic level. That”s why as microscope technology improves, medical knowledge improves in tandem. The more the human eye can observe, the more we understand about nature, which translates direction to scientific satisfaction about the human condition.

Virtual Reality Immersion

Strap on the latest virtual reality headset, and you”re in for an experience you certainly never could have imagined before. Especially with addition of higher quality graphics and audio that brings your ears into the mix, the visualization of life will never be the same.

Computer Contact Lenses

It may seem like something out of a sci-fi novel or a comic book, but contact lens computers will be here before too long. The idea will be that contact lenses over the eyes will give augmented feedback about the world around you when connected to some type of internet signal that measures what you can see or are looking at.

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