A guide to Java and its evolution over time

The technology is growing by many folds in the current scenario and will continue to do the same in future also. It is not an undeniable fact that the way we interpret with technology today has changed significantly over the past few decades due to rapid enhancement in hardware and software. Java is not untouched with this evolution in software and programming languages and has been serving as one of the major backend languages for many platforms. If we take a look back in the past, will found that Java was developed in the year 1995 and has been enhancing rapidly since then. It was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems  Java and has undergone a number of changes. Even though it is not the first programming language as another popular language c ++ have emerged 15 years earlier than its inception, it is is one of the most popular languages for the development of real-life applications no matter how small or big they are. A lot of computer engineers and other professionals are repeatedly looking for best Java courses in Noida to enhance their development skills and match the pace of the industry.

There are many reasons behind this ever-increasing popularity of Java. The most common reason that is preferred by many developers is the availability of a powerful platform with great security encryption and it”s easy to adapt on object orientation. Believe it or not, this language was not always the same. The idea behind its development was to serve consumer electronics but it turned into something much bigger with time.

Let”s take a look at how this language exchange recently:


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Java in the last 5 years

After Sun Microsystem has been taken over by Oracle Corporation in the year 2010, there has been a lot of favorable changes that occurred in Java. Since then, new versions are rapidly emerging in the market and the most popular among them Java SE 8 which comes with a cool code name of Spider.

Every new Java release is emphasized on improving the performance in a number of ways. If we look at the features of Java SE 8, we will find a series of new integrations including:

  • Lamba expressions
  • Language support for collections
  • API integration of Date-time

These are some of the few features that Java is offering and there inclusion is very necessary because they make a great change in our future technology. The addition of new features in Java is making it is easier to develop systems applications, web pages, software, computer games and a lot of other things in a more advanced and effective manner

How is the future of Java looking?

It is not an undeniable fact that Java is tried and tested and will continue to remain the number one software development language in the upcoming future also. The need for Java developers is increasing day by day and with the introduction of big data over Hadoop, this need has become more significant. If you are looking for Java course in Noida, coding ninjas is one of the best options for you to learn this language with industrial standards

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