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Did you know that by the end of 2020, only 2.66 percent of Instagram accounts with over 1000 followers were verified? This goes to show that the coveted blue checkmark is hard to acquire, but it”s not impossible.

If you know that you have a strong following, unique content, and people are searching for you and your brand every day, you have a strong case for getting verified. 

Even better, becoming verified means that you unlock special privileges and opportunities that only a few enjoy today. From peace of mind to new business opportunities, your business and brand can grow to new heights. 

With this in mind, read on to learn all about Instagram verification as well as the benefits of being verified on Instagram! 

The Benefits of Being Verified on Instagram: Instant Authority 

If Instagram approves your verification, one of the main things you”ll enjoy is that you won”t have to worry so much about people mimicking your account. As you grow in popularity on Instagram, you”ll find that dealing with impersonation will be regular trouble.

Scammers impersonate popular accounts in order to steal information from followers, attempt to collect personal information, and more. However, there are far more benefits to getting a blue check on instagram

1. More Engaged Followers

If you”re wondering what happens when you get verified on Instagram, one of the first things you”ll notice is an increase in followers. This is because the blue checkmark is instant social proof for your account.

People who don”t recognize you or your brand may find their way to your account. They”ll give you more of a chance if they see you”re verified, as it shows that Instagram deems you notable enough to have one. 

You”ll also find that the algorithm helps boost accounts that are verified. This means that your account is far more likely to rise to the top of search engine results pages. 

2. Increased Business Opportunities 

Another top benefit of becoming verified is that you”ll experience an influx of business opportunities. Just as more consumers are interested in your profile because of the social proof, agencies and brands will be as well.

Businesses will be interested in forming partnerships so that you can share their products or services with your strong, engaged following. Since you”re verified, they”ll feel more confident that the partnership will be fruitful for them, as it shows that Instagram trusts that you”re a notable person online. 

3. Early Access

One of the special features of a verified Instagram account is that you have early access to Instagram features. For instance, Instagram recently created a swipe-up feature in Stories that allows users to go to a web page instantly to shop or acquire more information about a topic.

However, this feature is only unlocked for accounts that have 10,000 followers or more. If you”re verified with less than 10,000 followers, you have instant access to this feature!

4. Trustworthiness

If you have an e-commerce brand, you know that you need to build trust and rapport with your followers in order to put them at ease. If they feel as if they may be scammed, people are far less likely to purchase any kind of product with you. 

Fortunately, getting verified is an easy way to build trust with people even without a large number of followers. This is because people know that the blue checkmark means that your brand is authentic. When they purchase with you, they have a reasonable expectation of receiving the product that they purchased. 

This also means that they don”t need to worry about having their payment information or identity stolen by scammers that may be mimicking you. 

5. Brand Recognition

Even if people see your account but don”t follow you, a verified account will give you greater brand recognition within your industry. This is because related businesses will begin looking at your brand as an authority in the field.

Although this may lead to more competitors in the space, this also means that you have a louder voice in your sphere. For instance, if you change your marketing methods to more authentic content that supports minority voices, you”ll be recognized for this sooner. 

This also means that other brands in your space may follow suit. Brand recognition not only opens up new, profitable doors, but it also means that you can become a leader in your space. 

6. Fewer Action Limits

Have you ever experienced action limits on Instagram? This is when the app stops you from liking, commenting, or following accounts.

This usually occurs if you”re repeating these actions frequently within a short amount of time. The app naturally flags this behavior, as it may be the result of a bot. They”re also afraid these accounts are spamming rather than having genuine interactions. 

Even worse, being flagged for these actions may result in a short-term shadowban of your account. This means that while you can post, you won”t have as much reach.

Fortunately, when you”re verified, you don”t have to worry as much about these action limits. Instagram gives you more leeway in order to interact with your larger influx of followers. 

Requirements to Get Verified on Instagram  

Now that you know some of the benefits you can enjoy with the Instagram verified badge, it”s important that you know how to get started!

It”s important to keep in mind that the requirements have gotten more selective since 2014 when it was first implemented. Overall, you have a higher likelihood of being verified if your account is likely to be impersonated. 

For this reason, keep on working towards creating engaging, authentic content, and don”t be discouraged if Instagram denies your request at first. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules to being verified, but here are a few guidelines: 


Your Instagram account needs to represent yourself, a registered business, or an authentic brand. For this reason, an anonymous meme account or one that reposts inspiring quotes has a much lower chance of being verified.

Instagram recommends to fill out your bio completely in order to let people know that you”re authentic. They also recommend using Stories to show behind-the-scenes videos and photos of your business or brand.

Lastly, encourage your customers to tag your business or brand when they reference you on their own accounts. 


Your account can”t be a duplicate of another, such as a backup account. If you have multiple accounts, only one can be verified (unless the other is in a different language). 


Your Instagram account needs to be public in order to be verified. Even if you have a popular private Instagram account, it isn”t eligible for verification.


This is one of the trickiest parts about getting verified, as it can be highly subjective. This means that you or your brand needs to be well-known and highly searched for. 

How to Request Verification

Although learning how to get verified can be tricky, requesting to be verified is far more straightforward. In the Instagram app, tap on Settings, then Account, then Request Verification near the bottom of the list. 

From there, you”ll need to apply with your full name as well as documentation (such as a driver”s license or passport) that can verify your identity. You”ll also need to choose a category for your account as well as describe your audience and why they follow you.

Lastly, you can also provide links that show that your account is in the public interest. This is especially helpful if you have a large following on another platform, but you”re just beginning to grow your Instagram account. 

Strive to Create Quality Content

It may feel impossible to get verified on Instagram with their strict verification policies. With this in mind, we recommend focusing more on creating quality content and growing your following instead. This is because as your brand naturally grows, so does the likelihood that you”ll be verified once you request it on Instagram. 

It all starts with knowing your target audience, your brand, and your unique selling point. While celebrities and well-known public figures can get verified instantly, it takes more work if you”re growing a brand from scratch.

Keep posting regularly and using other digital marketing methods, such as search engine optimized content on your website, email campaigns, and paid advertisements. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of being verified on Instagram, it all starts with a strong brand presence. If you want to learn more about growing a thriving brand, keep reading our blog for more informative articles!

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