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Apple product maintenance and repairs are widely known to be costly. Part of that has to do with the brand, which is high-end, but it mostly has to do with Apple”s restrictions.

Apple has been at the forefront of repair restrictions on tech products as a device manufacturer. It intentionally designs its products such that users can”t open them with standard tools. Furthermore, the company kept a tight leash on parts supplies. So even if a user has the tools and expertise to open an Apple device, they will still have a hard time accessing components.

Apple has always maintained that the restrictions are there to secure its quality control standards. Despite the limitations and high pricing, there are various ways you can save money on maintaining and repairing your Apple electronics.

Hidden Costs

The lack of competition does have an effect on the pricing. Apple likes to build a closed system; once you are in, it”s hard to get out, So when your device has an issue, you must take it to Apple or an authorized repair service. If you were to replace an out-of-warranty iPhone 12 screen, it would cost $234 at an authorized shop and $280 at an Apple store. Repairing a MacBook can be $400 and reach over $1,000.

A lot of users have complained about the high costs of repairing any Apple product. Part of the reason is that the third-party dealers want to profit from the parts and labor. If a component costs the dealer $100, they will price it at $130 before they charge labor, so naturally, it makes it sound expensive.

Apple is trying to loosen the grip it has on parts distribution. In the future, users will be able to order some components for themselves and repair their devices.

Apple releases new models of its products fairly frequently (sometimes every year); ideally, they want you to replace the old model immediately. That becomes a factor in the products needing maintenance if you keep a particular model for more than a year or two.

The Price of Repairing

All Apple products come with a manufacturer”s warranty. So if your electronic device malfunctions or breaks within the warranty terms, you can return it to Apple for free repairs. The warranties usually are one year, and Apple will provide technical support for 90 days. If your Apple product is still under warranty, the best you can do is to take it to Apple for any issues. If you try to repair it yourself or use an unauthorized service provider, you can void your warranty.

Once a warranty expires, you will have the option to take up the AppleCare+. AppleCare+ extends the warranty and support services for Apple devices. You will also get discounts for two accidental damages per year. Apple can give users up to a year to sign up for AppleCare+ after buying the product. Under AppleCare+, an iPhone screen replacement can be between $29 and $99. Some repairs come with partial warranties, so keep note of those.

The coverage is for two to three years, so there will be a time when users will have to find other solutions. AppleCare might also be on the pricier side for some consumers.

Repairing Apple products can be pricey, but you won”t have to worry about repairs if you keep them well. To maintain Apple products;

  • Follow the care instructions for the specific Apple product. Apple will provide the information you need. If you go online, you will find more information from Apple and Apple enthusiasts.
  • Buy protective accessories for the Apple product. Like screen protectors for touchscreen devices or cases for iPhone and iPad. 
  • Trade in an older model of an Apple product for a new model. The old model may need some repairs, but it might be cheaper to trade it in and replace it. 
  • Find an Apple product servicer that provides onsite mac repair services. They may be a more affordable repair option than AppleCare+.

If you are no longer on warranty or AppleCare+, you should consider using your insurance. Whether as a separate coverage or under your home contents provisions, you can get your insurance provider to pay for repairing or replacing your electronics.

Care To Save

Apple products are robust and last for a long time if you maintain them well. If an issue arises, check if your warranty is still valid before taking action. If repairs are necessary, use the services of a reputable company.

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