6 Best Free BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry App World now boasts over 100,000 apps and many of them are free to download. With so many apps to choose from, here”s a look at the six best free apps you”ll love.

1. Battery Booster

Every smartphone user looks for ways to extend or optimize battery life. With the Battery Booster app, your BlackBerry will gain peak performance.

The app works by identifying programs or processes that consume a lot of power to boost battery performance. It”s as simple as one simple click of the “enable” button.

2. CB 10

The CB (CrackBerry) 10 app is one genius free app. If you enjoy CrackBerry forums, reading reviews and learning what”s new in the BlackBerry world, the CB 10 app is right for you.

Former RIM users have turned to CrackBerry.com for years as it has always been trusted source to sway rumors and offer up just the facts. Read blog posts or articles and leave a comment. Create your own threads in the forum and download attachments from top discussions. Have a question about features of your BlackBerry Q10? Get them answered with the CB 10 app.

3. Badoo

Tired of all those regular social media sites? If so, Badoo is a new way to connect and now has over 150 million users.

You can chat the night away, make a date with local friends — even find out if a Badoo user is in the same nightclub as you. Badoo is one of BlackBerry App World”s top free apps so get onboard today (for those 18 years of age and older).

4. Screen Grabber

Need to send directions to your house ASAP so a friend doesn”t miss the party? With the Screen Grabber app, now you can.

With Screen Grabber you can capture whatever is on your BlackBerry screen and send it to anyone. Save files in a nifty folder called Screen Grab that you can also organize so it”s easy to find screenshots to send or resend. For the really organized, you can make tons of files and label them whether they are charts, directions, an instant message thread or a contact”s information.

5. Expense Manager

Forget about finding that expense spreadsheet you created on your PC and use the free app Expense Manager in its stead. A must for those that must turn in expense reports, this app allows you to set expense categories and create multiple accounts.

Track expenses daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Need to create an expense sub-account? You can do that too with Expense Manager. Take pictures of receipts and store them and the reporting system is awesome. View reports as a pie or bar chart or a graph.

6. Free Ringtone Creator

Don”t like the ringtones apps you”ve tried in the past? Ringtone Creator allows you to select MP3 files and mark start and stopping points and then bam — you just created your own personal ringtone. Great for creating ringtones for all your contacts and the app uses advanced fine tuning to make sure ringtones are crystal clear and never fuzzy sounding.

With so many free apps in BlackBerry App World, it”s hard to choose the best free ones, but these six are a great start — enjoy! What are your favorite BlackBerry apps?

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