How Your Mobile Phone Can be the Ultimate Relaxation Aid on Lazy Evenings

These days mobile phones do pretty much everything. The vast majority of us now carry a “smartphone” that’s considerably more powerful than even computers were a few years ago. They”re constantly connected to the cloud, able to download almost any piece of software within seconds, and filled with powerful sensors such as gyroscopes and GPS.

But despite the considerable power of these phones, the majority of us will only use our phones for a few uninspiring tasks. Perhaps we answer e-mails on them and use the maps to get around, but other than that they”re devices we use for making calls and sending texts. When we get home in the evening we tend to rely on other devices for our more in-depth entertainment.

This is a shame though when actually mobiles can these days be highly entertaining, and can help us to kick back and relax in the evenings with a ton of fun media right in the palm of our hands. Read on to see how your mobile phone can replace your TV or your Xbox when it comes to relaxing in the evenings.

The Best Entertainment

If you”re looking for some entertainment when you get home from work, then chances are you have everything you could possibly need right in your pocket.

Firstly there”s books – more and more people are now using their mobile phones as eReaders through tools such as the Kindle app and this way you can get access to almost any book you might want to read without having to head out to a library to find it. You don”t necessarily have to pay through the nose for that privilege either: there are plenty of PDFs you can download completely for free and these can then be enjoyed through PDF readers like Moon Reader.

Not in the mood for reading? Then how about some gaming? A lot of people will only play “mobile games” on their phones such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds. Entertaining though these are, they”re hardly going to provide that much more than a distraction for an evening”s fun. On the other hand though, there are plenty of in-depth and engaging gaming experiences right at your fingertips if you know where to look. One of the best examples? Deus Ex: The Fall – a quasi-sequel to the console game “Human Resolution”, and one that has just an in-depth a plot and a set of gameplay mechanics. It”s atmospheric, it”s engaging and it”s very entertaining. There are a ton of other “mobile games” just like this one (including lots of ports) and if you download an emulator then you can even enjoy fully-fledged console games on your Android devices. Have a look around and you might find something that holds your attention…

Of course there are also a ton of things to watch and to listen to on any mobile device. There are podcasts (check out Beyond Pod), there are millions of videos on YouTube, and then there are full films and TV shows on Netflix or on BBC iPlayer.

Getting the Most From Your Phone

In short then, anything you would normally do in the evenings can be done through your phone cheaply and brilliantly. There”s a world of entertainment and relaxation to check out here so look into it.

Not only is this an expansive array of technology in a convenient form factor, but it”s also something you can use more flexibly than on the TV or computer or even as a book. Want to read or watch a film while you chop veg in the kitchen? Easy. Want to listen to a podcast in the hot tub? (It”s better yet if you have a waterproof Sony phone)

You can even plug your phone into the TV and use a Bluetooth keyboard to turn it into a leaning-back computer experience. Your phone is capable of so much more – it”s time to start using it.

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