3 Home Tech Additions That Could Cut Down Your Energy Bill

With summer officially over and winter about to get into full swing, it’s time again to think about ways to save on your energy and electricity bills during the harsh winter months. While many people feel like they can tough out the heat of the summer without having to crank up the A/C, freezing yourself in winter is something less people are inclined to do. So to help you keep your home and family comfortable without spending hundreds of dollars on utilities each month, here are three technologies you can implement into your home that can help cut down your energy bills.

Automatic Blinds and Window Treatments

While windows are truly the eyes and light of your home, they can also be great escape valves for that precious warm air you’ve paid so much for when it’s cold outside. But aside from having your windows properly installed and insulated, what can do you do with them to help save money on energy costs?

According to ElectronicHouse.com, motorized blinds and window shades are a great way to save energy and have a smarter home. These gadgets can be a huge asset to your home automation system, allowing you control over where and when to let light in and keep the cold air out. And the great thing about this option is that you don’t have to make this change all at once; you can begin installing automatic blinds and window treatments as finances permit.


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Smart Thermostat

We’ve all heard the hype about smart thermostats like Nest. But just how effective could this technology be when it comes to keeping your energy cost and consumption low? According to M.B. Grant of SmartThermostatGuide.com, for all the monetary savings you can receive through a smart thermostat, it could end up paying for itself in as little as two years! With savings like that and its ability to be programmed for your specific needs and requirements, it’s no wonder people the world over are falling in love with smart thermostats.

LED Lighting Options

Ever since the invention of LED technology, the public has been made well aware of just how wasteful traditional incandescent lightbulbs are. According to Sarah Battaglia of The Energy Collective, you could save $10 in one year by switching from incandescent light bulbs to LED lightbulbs. Multiply this number by how many years you’ll be using this LED lightbulb, not buying other light bulbs, and the savings on your energy bill and it’s easy to see how this one simple change can have a big impact on your energy usage and cost.

With the ever-changing position of the global economy, it’s always a smart idea to save where you can. By making these tech additions to your home, you can keep more money in your pocket and contribute less to the overall energy consumption of the world—a win-win.

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