5 Trends in Technology and Appliances Every Family Must Have

Your home is your haven. It”s where you rest your head at night, make the most memories with your family and it”s where you run around trying to accomplish all that”s on your to-do list in a measly 24 hour time frame each day.

If you could find a way to make your life at home just a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable, you certainly would. And even if you live in an older house or apartment there are ways to hack high tech features into your living space. If you”re building or remodeling, there”s a whole new world waiting for you.

The automatic toilet seat

If you live in a house with children or animals who think the toilet is for more than just using the restroom, your home needs this intelligent technical toilet seat. The automatic toilet seat cover automatically closes when you flush and walk away.

When technology can help you stop the spread of germs and the consumption of potentially dirty toilet water, it”s worth the investment.

Cordless lamps

When space is tight in the living room, office or in the bedroom or you simply don”t want cords lying around for your guests and family members to trip over, cordless lamps are a piece of technology you can”t live without.

They are stylish and chic so your home doesn”t lose any of its elegant appeal, but they”re battery operated. This means you can rearrange your furniture however you see fit without taking into consideration exposed wires and a lack of outlets when placing tables.


Technology plays two roles in the convenience of this particular piece of technical genius. The U-Socket is your everyday outlet with an addition so simple it”s almost unbelievable no one thought of it before. What”s even better is that this is a simple upgrade you can install yourself.

In addition to the outlet plugs for your everyday appliances and technology, there are two USB ports. This means you can leave your alarm clock, lamp, toaster, computer or anything else plugged in and still charge your smart phone, iPad, iPod or other piece of technology at the same time. It”s genius.

iPad mount

Technology has given you the option to simplify your kitchen and your life. There is no need for cabinets full of old recipe books and cookbooks. You can either look up your favorite recipes on the web or input them into your computer.

Now with the iPad mount that attaches to your kitchen cabinets you can access your paperless recipes even faster. While cooking a favorite dish you not only have more counter space, but you also have the recipe you need on hand right in front of your face.

GE wall oven

The GE wall oven is perhaps the most amazing trend in home design at the moment. Its sheer presence can make your life so much easier than you ever imagined. Imaging walking into the house after work and popping dinner right into the oven without waiting on it to preheat or leaving for an event with no need to worry that you forgot to turn off the oven.

This connected appliance is controlled by your smart phone. This means you can start warming up the oven when you”re still 10 minutes from home or double check to ensure you turned if off when you”re waiting in line at airport security. And this is just one of the many different smart kitchen appliance trends designed to make your kitchen more stylish, efficient and user-friendly.


Technology has come a long way in the past few years. The introduction of smart appliances and home trends makes life easier, more cost-effective and much sweeter.

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