5 Things You Need to Consider When Using AV Event Technology

Whether you are planning a large or a small event, for whatever reason, there is sure to be a need for AV technology. Av technology can really enhance the event experience and provide many benefits to attendees and to organisers. But in order to get the best out of AV technology it is important to consider a few key details.

1. What’s In It For Them?

Tech for tech’s sake is not particularly useful. And it can be a waste of money. There must be something in the adoption of technology that benefits the people using it. Make sure you consider the experience from the point of view of the attendees when you decide what equipment to use.


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2. Get It Noticed

Depending on the AV tech you have in place for the event, you will need to market it accordingly so that people know it is there and how to use it. Make the most of your AV hire from a place like www.pspav.com by fully integrating it into your event and you will ensure optimum uptake and satisfaction.

3. Overall Adoption

Make sure that you can get all the team on board for new technology. You need people to be promoting the tech and showing delegates how they can use it to enhance their experience. Your technology will be less effective if some members of your team are still directing people to a hard copy of the schedule instead of, for example, the display boards where the information is more up to date.

4. Consider Training

Make sure you have been instructed by the AV hire company how to operate the technology, and ensure that you pass this knowledge on to the relevant people. The amount of training needed will depend on the type of technology you have set up. Make sure that people are trained beforehand and that you do not rely on training actually at the event itself.

5. Don’t Forget to Monitor

If you are using event tech to enhance the user experience then don’t forget to monitor whether this has or has not been a success. Excellent technology is used by many people and it benefits the event as a whole. It is a good idea to monitor throughout the event so that if there is a low uptake, or if something is not working properly, you can make changes to improve the experience and work out how to make technology work effectively for you.

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