5 Best Iphone 5 Apps For Students

Discussing about the various iphone apps familiar these days, there are many to say but choosing 5 of them is very difficult job. But Still I would like to discuss the few names that are being used by the students at the constant rate and with great enthusiasm. Now getting an Iphone is not an easy task you have to spend 40-45k bucks to get it and then accessing the ITunes and after that you come to know that lot of the apps are paid, now after paying the huge sum no one would even feel like spending on the paid apps so most of you guys go for the free ones.

The Top Iphone apps for the students are listed below:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger: Now, This is something interesting that is used by every student now days. Now the question is why it is used that much, from my point of view It is used because it’s a way to communicate with our mates and that too with simply having an internet connection no other charges are applied. Its lot quicker in sending text messages which sometimes fails annoys you like anything. With it you can send short messages, pictures, audio notes, videos and it also got the salient feature of group conversations. So I mark it on the 1st place.
  2. Google Search: Talking about the Google search is itself identified by its name. Most of the students want to make their studies go easier so they just want their study material on a Single Click. This is the best option to get their work done in a easy way. It comes in a free version. As Safari’s feature is little lacking so using this is pretty much easy as compared. One can search Images, Places, Notes, Books and news etc. This app integrates Calendar and Reader as well. So I mark it on the 2nd position for its use.
  3. LinkedIn: After you guys have completed your university, you need to gear up yourself for job. This is the best app which can help you get a decent and a well paid job with handsome salary. Using this app Potential employers can search your profile and can sort you out according to your skills. This app allows you to search the entire network. You can see connections of other people and the recent updates as well. This app has got the nice interface and works well on Iphone. So I mark it as 3.
  4. Dictionary.com: Though I consider myself having a good command over English Language but sometimes it happens I am not able to get the word and cannot recall its exact meaning. This is the app where it helps you to go portable rather than carrying a Oxford’s heavy dictionary. The best feature on my behalf which I saw was the offline mode helps you get almost all the words and phrases one is looking for. The demerit which I faced was the ad that was pinching it again and again in a free version; want to get rid of it you have to spend some money.
  5. Wikipedia Mobile: Searching of an article becomes a great difficulty when students need it instantly. Various Browsers giving the inaccurate source of Information this is the best way to get yourself free from the inaccurate information. So It’s the best way to view Wikipedia on your Iphone and that too it also allows you to save articles for offline reading and switch easily b/w languages. Free of Cost too.
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