5 Reasons Your Business Needs Dynamics 365

It’s no secret that running a business can be tough. You have to keep track of every little thing in the operation! Despite this, the most important element will always be your customers. With customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, you can manage your customer relationships easily. These systems analyze data and give you the right information to improve your business.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in. It is a good combination of both CRM and ERP that comes with the advantage of being in the cloud. Microsoft launched it with the promise “to turn business process into business advantages for organizations everywhere”. It lets businesses improve their marketing, customer service, and sales with its new tools. Not convinced? Here are five reasons your business needs it.

1. The “Common Data Model”

Instead of using complicated databases, Microsoft included a common data model for Dynamics 365. With a standardized database scheme, users can enjoy the benefit of simplified data management as well as integration with other Microsoft programs.

2. Earn Lifelong Customers

You get the whole picture of your clients’ experience with integrated applications for sales, customer service, and marketing. For example, the web chat support, Live Assist, provides an easy-to-use communication channel with customers. Moreover, you can also use pre-built tools with real-time updates to keep track of the customer’s experience. You can see what products they want, any problems they encounter, and how these were solved. It also allows you to do tasks at the correct schedule, whether it’s an advertising or a social media engagement campaign.

3. Target-specific Marketing Campaigns

It is generally important to keep your clients informed of the latest products and promotional offers. Dynamics 365 makes this easier with its marketing automation tool. This feature streamlines processes by creating client lists, launching marketing campaigns, and predicting results.

4. Increase of Productivity

Dynamics 365 ensures you never miss an appointment or a call with its all-in-one module. You can assign the right people the right tasks at the right date and time with client service requests and calendars. It makes employees more productive and improves the overall quality of the customer service.

5. Customization

Unlike other systems, Dynamics 365 is highly customizable and it can be tailored to suit your company’s needs. You can customize the dashboard and add the tools important to you. Likewise, you can say goodbye to things you don’t need. You can integrate Dynamics 365 into your business operations to keep you updated at all times.

Final thoughts

Dynamics 365 is not necessarily the answer to a successful business, but it is a powerful tool nonetheless. It can help make your business rise to the top of the industry. This product is what you need if you want to stay updated with business operations and strive to make it more efficient. It is the goal of many businesses to offer only the best products and services to their customers, after all.

Osho Garg

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