5 Best Diploma Templates

To add value towards your professional life and educational arsenal, you need diplomas. A good formatted diploma is an epitome of your coherence with a strong institution.

There is only one problem though. With so many websites claiming to use their preferred templates, you might get confused about selecting a particular template.

You need to pick those diplomas which will have the maximum awe-inspiring effect on your future employers. For this reason, we have handpicked the following mockup template designs.

Check out the following best diploma templates.

1. Modern Certificate V5 (Premium)

The premium quality mockup template is available to you now. Coming in shades of two, this geometric shape template has a scalable design with easy editing techniques.

You can add color, insert images and enable handy formatting such as exciting color schemes, bold, italics and underlining the keywords. This template has mostly positive reviews due to its ease of usage. No complexity is involved in editing and a person can quickly have their way through the formatting.

The mockup template is available in AI, word and PSD formats.

2. Business Class Premium Modern Certificate

The following template is especially recommended for people who want to do job in corporate sector. The elegant design is very different from other stereotypical templates, open in the free world.

Proper layout with decent spacing have increased the popularity of this mockup template. You can include main heading inside the shady area. Description can be accommodated inside the whitish vacant area followed by stamp, signature or seal.

Most people prefer a dark scheme of polygonal art inside the main heading. This template is available in AI, word and PSD formats.

3. Stylish Certificate (Premium)

Talk about a sense of modernism. The following template is stylish and is highly likely to make its mark in the eyes of potential employers.

Enamored by a rich black central coating, followed by closer light spacing. Inside the dark test, you can use the recommended combinations of red, golden and light green to ensure maximum color effect. A bold name followed by an underline and then comes all the details.

The lighter area includes the room for signatures. A thick border is also available which indicates an end of writing space.

Use the template especially because when you apply for a company, HR has little time to scout for talent. No one has a lot of free time to read everything so presentation matters.

This template offers everything so it is must to use, in the eyes of recruiters.

4. Modern Polygonal Certificate with Simple Light Colors (Premium)

This is the queen of mockup presentation templates. Surely, almost everyone knows how to use contrasting templates, but every few templates can look good with all lighter effects.

The template consists of a beautifying border, followed by two optional colors. You can also edit and introduce whatever you want inside the template, depending upon necessity.

The mockup template is a 100% vector file, PSD in nature and printable in good quality.

5. Authentic Certificate of Appreciation (Premium)

The ‘piece de resistance’ template in the world of certificates. This is the most widely used format to make standard certificates.

It consists of a defined approach. Very selective colors have been used to give it a corporate touch, which adds significant value towards the CV of a job applier.

To write a good ‘certificate of appreciation’, in large letters, write the recipient’s name and then you can introduce the cause of awarded certificate. Date can be inserted either in the beginning or in the end, depending upon user preferences.

The template ends with a stamp to seal the authenticity of the certificate.

All described diploma templates are available on webdesignblog.info.

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