3 Tips For Marketing Your Local Business

Having a local business can be an all-encompassing job. And while working on something small like a local business means that you’ll likely have your hand in every aspect of the business, you might not have much experience running each part of a small business. So for things like marketing, you may not be able to get quality results if you’re not well versed in the details of how things work.

To help people who find themselves in this situation, here are three tips for marketing your local business.

Fine Tune Your Local SEO Efforts

While you might think that doing work within your community is the first step toward local marketing, where you should really begin is with your local SEO efforts.

Even when people are looking for local businesses, they’re usually going to start their search online. Knowing this, you’re going to want to focus a lot of your efforts onto easily being found by people searching for businesses like yours. This can be done by optimizing your local landing pages on your website, having locally targeted title tags and meta descriptions, updating your local listings, and more.


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Part of having solid local SEO efforts also includes building your social media followings and optimizing your social pages. Because this is where many people will first search for information about local businesses, it’s vital that you ensure these pages are accurate and optimized. 

Try Your Hand At Influencer Marketing

For local markets, working with influencers can also be a great option for getting exposure to people that you likely wouldn’t have been able to find on your own. 

Regardless of the size of the city you’re working in, you can likely find at least a few people that are local influencers with their own followings. By offering them something as part of your partnership, you can get them to promote your business on their social channels in an effort to encourage their followers to use your business. 

Get Involved With Your Community

As was mentioned above, working with the actual people in your community to get the word out about your business is also an ideal way to market your local business. 

If your community has a lot of events that it holds throughout the year, being a part of these events, either as a participant or supporter, you can meet people in your community and work to build your relationship with those in your area. You can also join groups that are already working in your community or find other ways to be charitable to those in need in your town. 

If you’re needing some help with marketing your local business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can be done for your small business. 

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