4 Best Legal Memes for Social Media

Social media management is crucial for a number of industries, including law. You’re in a field where all that legalese and jargon is confusing (at best) to potential clients and you don’t want to pander to your peers. Social media can be a platform for engaging and educating in a fun manner. It’s where you can showcase the good your firm does, battle stereotype about the legal field, and help your followers know more about the law in a way that may serve them down the road. Did you know you can do a lot of this with memes?

In the era of mobile readiness, people are demanding more visuals, infographics, videos and less blocks of text. If you’re in charge of managing your firm’s social media presence, you might want to pepper some of these in to liven up your feed. After all, being a great attorney isn’t just about having the best track record. It’s about fostering a community, and sometimes that means being silly.

You know you’re a law student…

First gaining in popularity on Tumblr, the go-to platform for law students, a slew of these memes popped up and continue to make those tax law lectures a little more bearable. A favorite? “You know you’re a law student when you know deep down that Latin isn’t a dead language.” Best used for firms on the lookout to hire freshly graduated talent or a complementary field serving law students, your target market will appreciate these.

One does not simply…

The famed Mordor quote has been changed to suit just about any field, but few are a better match than law. Just like the original quote, “One does not simply walk into Mordor”, “One does not simply pass the bar exam on the first try” and the like have garnered millions of shared, re-tweets, likes and other social media growth.

The toilet store

Some movies, even if they’re a few years old like “Anchorman”, continue to make great meme fodder today. “Hey, where did you get your legal advice? The toilet store?” is a favorite for attorneys and clients alike.

What my friends think I do

There are quite a few versions of this, which means it’ll be easy to find one that matches your firm’s personality. While others might think lawyers are flush with cash, seriously brooding in gleaming mahogany court rooms, helping in doing justice with huge clients or wearing pink and proving women can be attorneys, too (obviously), lawyers know the truth: A lot of work.

When you use social media wisely, you can help build your firm’s online reputation and brand.

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