3 Reasons Why You Need Turmeric In Your Life

Turmeric is not just a great-smelling spice: if you take it as a supplement, you can help regulate your blood pressure, improve your brain health, and aid in creating healthy joints. You can use turmeric as a delicious spice, but getting the full effects of turmeric will only be possible through a supplement.

What Does A Supplement Do?

Taking a turmeric supplement ensures you’re getting the correct dose of turmeric, benefiting from its vast gifts. To make sure you’re getting a high-quality supplement with the correct amount of ingredients, check out Authority Health. This site compares different supplement brands and provides reviews that you can read to see which supplement is best for you. Make sure the supplement has at least 1,000 mg of turmeric per serving and that it contains Piperine. Piperine is an extract from black pepper that allows turmeric to absorb better into the body since it doesn’t easily absorb in large doses. Supplements such as Sirtfood, combined with your well-balanced diet, are so beneficial for your body and health.


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1. Turmeric Promotes a Healthy Heart

Now that you’ve found a supplement with the correct dosage, what exactly does turmeric do? Turmeric is very good for your heart and can help prevent cardiac diseases. This works because turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin.

The many advantages of curcumin are:

  • It acts as an antioxidant, eliminating free radical damage in your cells. Healthy cells mean everything is working properly, including your heart.
  • It stabilizes your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This in turn can prevent diabetes.
  • It quickens your blood clotting abilities.This helps if you are anemic, which means you cannot clot as easily and may lose a lot of blood if you get a cut.

Having low cholesterol and regular blood sugar levels helps maintain a healthy weight. If you have high cholesterol, it not only increases your risk of heart disease, it also means you are more likely to gain weight. Eating foods high in cholesterol, like fried foods or highly processed foods, can cause high cholesterol. Curcumin can only do so much; you must also watch what you eat and aim for a fresh, healthy diet to maintain your weight.

2. Turmeric Supports Your Brain

Curcumin not only helps your heart, but it also supports your brain function. A better blood flow means your brain gets a fresh supply of oxygen, which improves your memory, recall and focus. Curcumin also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation in the brain is linked to Alzheimer’s as it causes brain cells to die which causes memory loss and motor control problems. However, there are no clinical studies done to show that curcumin prevents Alzheimer’s.

3. Turmeric Provides Relief to Painful Joints

Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties not only come in handy with your brain function, but in your joint health as well. If you suffer from arthritis, you probably take medication to reduce inflammation in your joints. Turmeric can reduce inflammation in joints and help ease your aches and pains from sore joints.

Turmeric: Not Just a Spice

Not only can you enjoy turmeric as a delicious spice in your cooking, you can take is a supplement and enjoy its many health benefits. You can have a working heart with healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. There is also a chance that the active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, can  help prevent Alzheimer’s. We already know that it increases blood flow to your brain, which boosts your normal brain functions including memory and concentration. Curcumin also acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce pain in joints. You would never guess what amazing benefits turmeric has from its appearance, but it’s proven itself to be an amazing supplement with many uses.

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