Working Towards Equality: Ways Technology Built Opportunities For Those In Poverty

In the United States, poverty is an endless cycle of recidivism and generational conditioning.  The cycle of poverty is nearly impossible to escape, and most people simply continue in the paths of their parents.  

The light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of poverty was boosted a bit by the progression of technology over the past decade.  Though poverty is still a multifaceted challenge, technology has created a few opened doors for those who are willing to work hard.  

Check out a few examples of how technology has progressively created a more versatile environment for those struggle to move up in the world.


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Accessibility to the internet has flourished

The internet used to be this thing that only the upper middle class and rich folks could afford to have in their home.  Now, the internet is ubiquitous. Even a $40 phone from the Dollar General can access the internet.

Widespread accessibility to the internet has made it much more affordable, and has created endless opportunities for the unemployed to seek and find employment.  Every public library has computer stations for anyone to utilize.

Those who are in need of legal assistance can use the internet to secure representation, or at least get the ball rolling in the right direction.  Even if you are homeless, you have the ability to use the internet as a tool for progression in your life.   

Online learning courses come to you

Education has gone through a digital metamorphosis.  Even if you can’t afford to go to college, there is a wealth of knowledge and training available for free online.  All you need is the drive, willingness, and time to learn.

At a time when college is at its most expensive, the common individual has the ability to soak up whatever information they desire.  Use the internet as your own personal encyclopedia, and arm yourself with knowledge.

Remote workers are more prominent in today’s workforce

Remote workers are taking the workforce by storm.  Employers are beginning to understand that they can recruit more intricate talents and spend less training, when they can pick from a pool of digital applicants.  

A great number of people in poverty develop mental and physical illnesses which make it very difficult to function in a traditional work setting.  Working from home online is a blessing, and it makes it possible for many formerly dejected personalities to make a decent living.

Entrepreneurial opportunities are abundant

Technology has granted all of the independant souls of the world the ability to travel their own path.  Entrepreneurial opportunities are at a peak due to the progression of technology, and it is easier than ever to set up your own business.  

Those experiencing the woes of poverty have more opportunities to sell their talents, crafts, and even their junk to make some extra cash.

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