10 Best Tips for College Freshmen

Being a student is an art in itself. The magic is that sooner or later the student will figure out his way around challenges and academic pitfalls (go 24-hour essay writing service variety, yay!)! But it will make your life so much easier if you quickly adopt some of the winning technics regarding college newbie survival.

These tips are simple to come up with and follow. But they will greatly facilitate your transition from careless high school existence into research and professional community life you will experience in college.


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1. Friend your roommate

This person might not become your bosom friend, but you have to set rules and find a way to get along well. Did you know that one in five dropouts claim that poor relationship with their roommate was one of the main issues for their decision?

Friend your roommate not because bad roommate can hinder your academic performance, but because learning to cope with different kinds of people is a part of grown up life. Be ready to make sacrifices and compromise often.

2. Friend the faculty

You will definitely meet all your professors and academic advisors in the first week or two, but faculty members are just as important. You will work hand-in-hand with them when you need help to deliver a paper or request an extension, when your student website isn’t working or you can’t choose a company for the internship/project work.

3. Don’t hesitate to get help writing an essay

Having someone take a second look at your writing is always a good idea. Many students form special “essay study groups” where they review each other’s drafts.

If you don’t have such a group, you can check essay writing service review and find the best option of writing help for you or request a proofread from professional editors.

4. Find a dream study place

Studying in the same location where you sleep or eat can be distracting. It shouldn’t take you long to find a cozy, convenient place where you can concentrate and produce good results.

5. Keep the budget

Colleges and universities are expensive. And so is student life if you don’t keep a regular count of how much money goes on what.

Make a habit of defining how much you can spend on certain categories and make adjustments in order not to exceed them.

6. Don’t overpack and bring 30% less that you think you need

Living in a limited space means having to get by with a limited set of things. For this purpose capsule wardrobe can do miracles and don’t forget that most of the room/kitchen things you can share with your roommate or even with people living in the same building.

7. Be proactive

Studying is of course your main purpose of going to college, but it’s not the only one. Participating in sports and going to social events are great ways to get to know people and fight stress.

8. Take book shopping seriously

No matter if you study in the USA or UK, there are so many materials you will need throughout the year, that some student will end up paying around a 1000 dollars just for the college books.

There are a couple of ways to save money on books if you start thinking about it in advance:

  • Compare prices online;
  • Find used books from your college sophomores, their quality is usually pretty good to be used intensively by five or ten people;
  • Share books with people from your class;
  • Explore the college library, they have more materials and in bigger quantities that you think;
  • Ask professor for an extra copy;
  • Request author for a sample. If it is not an academic book, but a recent biography or study, the writer will be happy to spread awareness about his work.

9. Take diverse classes

Choosing a profession or a major is a very serious decision, but you don’t have to make it now. You will be better equipped with knowing what you want to do in life if you try as many various classes, organizations and projects as you can.

10. Maintain a healthy diet

If there is one thing that can guarantee you a body full of energy and mind bursting with productiveness that is eating well. Simply having a boarding plan doesn’t mean you eat healthy because the quantity of food and diet balance should also be considered.

Don’t let the freedom of eating whatever and whenever you like, as well as going to bed at whatever time, ruin all your great academic and professional plans. Develop healthy eating habits and keep them for the next 30 or 40 years.

One of the hardest things freshmen have to go through in their first year of college is adjusting to new settings and roles. And if buying essay solves a lot of your assignment problems, finding a way to fit into this new exciting community is something you have to do on your own. Be sociable and open to try new things or meet new kind of people, manage your budget carefully not to stress about going broke and find time for yourself. This will make a big difference for you in college.

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