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We all have been there at some point. Climbing windows and stairs to find that elusive point where your phone can get a network signal. You think this scenario may be limited to rural areas and small towns. But even with the multinational telecom operators pumping billions into the Indian telecom sector, many of our cities are not completely mobile network accessible. Most of us start questioning why we need to spend thousands on funky smartphones when we cannot even have proper mobile network. Well, there is no solution in sight as far as mobile operators enhancing their network capability. Therefore, the only viable option left for mobile users is to go for a mobile phone signal booster that can boost the already available network signals and provide you with seamless connectivity wherever you are.


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MyAmplifiers have been at the forefront of this technical innovation that promises users better connectivity. With an incredible combination of technical expertise and unique solutions, we have been able to bring the gift of enhanced mobile connectivity even to remote villages. The process is quite simple. When you order a Cell phone repeater from us, you will receive a kit that will contain the repeater, required number of antennas, cables and chargers. Setting up this device is quite simple and can be achieved with minimal help. Once installed, the device captures and enhances every type of mobile signal in your area, thus solving once and for all the ‘no network’ problem ubiquitous in towns, villages and certain cities.

MyAmplifiers has a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who are the brains behind this highly innovative product. Each Cell phone repeater kit and its accessories go through a rigorous and multi-tier quality test to ensure there are no malfunctions at the customer side. In our bid to guarantee the quality specifications of our product, we have been certified by both CE and RoHS. Contrary to popular perception, network signals do not adversely affect your health in any way. This has been proven by many authoritative studies conducted by different research units. Our products come with a two year warranty.

We understand that the poor network reception is not a problem confined to India or its neighbors. It is a global problem which is why we offer our products worldwide. It is time to stop climbing stairs and start ordering a Cell phone repeater kit from MyAmplifiers.

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