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What is a site builder?

A website builder is a tool that is used for the construction of websites without manual code editing.

Online website builders (ex Wix): these are tools provided by the web companies. They require customers to sign up with them. Some companies offer fully functional websites as examples that are constructed using their website builders. The main advantage of online builders is that they are to use and do not require any prior experience. The site can be built up and run live quickly on the internet. To work with this tool all you need is a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Wix.com – deemed as a fantastic app with a welcome community. It’s a website maker for free; you can even choose the templates just as long as it’s a template hosted on their servers. There are even thousands of layout and marketplaces; all you have to do is chose.


Features of Wix

1) It”s possible to create a fully functional web page with online website builders.

2) It”s easy to update the text, add new article, pictures or videos with an easy to use interface.

3) Modern online website builders follow the traditional content management system principle of maintaining a separation between the content and design. The advantage is that the sites created in this way are more easily indexed by the search engines. So making changes in the content of the website becomes easier and the content does not need to be modified.

Wix Mobile App

Using Wix mobile app, you can easily manage your website on the go. It has all the real-time features and updates to manage your site or online store. Wix mobile app has a stunning design, and it’s very useful for your business. Some of the best features are listed below.

  • You can interact with your visitors and get notified about the new visitors. Start a live chat with new customers and respond to their messages.
  • Update the blog and post new updates about the store. You can even add photos and share it on all social network profiles in a single click.
  • Manage new orders and keep track of all invoices.
  • Easily upload new photos from your phone.
  • You can even add new products and easily track every sale.

So when you are traveling to another place, Wix mobile app is the perfect solution for all your needs. It is available for Android and IOS devices.

How to create a website?

  • Get a domain name: This page contains everything you need to know about domain names, why you need one, which a good one is and how to get one.
  • Choose a Web host: This page helps you choose a good and correct web host.
  • Creating a Web Site: This page helps you to build a website, what you should put and what you should not put. This page also helps you to choose the most appropriate website builder for you.

But when you sign up on wix.com you don’t need to worry about a domain name or web host. Wix is a cloud-based platform so that they will take care of the hosting. Users can easily create stunning and professional looking websites.

If you need a professional looking website which has the potential to catch the attention of your customers, you need to sign up on wix.com. Website building services are in huge demand as people worldwide like to purchase products online. Even people without businesses are using websites to share their own personal experiences.

No matter what is your purpose behind building a website, should you use a website builder to get started with your site?

  1. Website building will start at your level. You need to decide the purpose behind creating the website and what kind of look you demand. A skilled website builder will carefully listen to your requirements and build a website accordingly. If you need a website for selling goods and services, the website builder will prepare a theme which suits your products and offers all features will allow customers to carry out purchasing task with ease. These are small but important aspects which will help in attaining a website which will take your business to sky high level.
  2. Experience – is it worth it to hire someone to build your Wix site? There are many complicated aspects of building a business-oriented internet site. Wix sites make it easy to access a lot of the information required for building a strong site. However, if you want to make sure its perfect, you can always look for additional professional support!
  3. Knowledge regarding latest techniques – Website building is not a dead world. New codes are launched every day which will make your website more impressive and useful. Make sure the selected website builder for you do have detailed knowledge about latest website building techniques. Try to look at latest projects and ask for a demo. You need to be entirely sure the website builder creates a website which matches current standards and gives your rivals a stiff competition.
  4. Reviews – Checking out reviews will further insurance you are heading in the right direction. Ideally, you need to check out the official website of the builder and look for testimonials. A reputed and skilled website builder will always have numerous positive reviews to justify the quality work. If you have certain doubts, ask for old customer contact details and try to verify the work quality.


Using Wix, it”s pretty easy to build a free website and customize it using free website builder. No coding skills are required to use this website builder. There are thousands of designs and templates available to choose for your site. If you want your domain, then you need to switch your package to premium which will give you all the amazing features. Unlimited bandwidth and premium support are provided to premium members.

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