Who Needs Analytics? Everybody!

Every business transaction you complete should have some sort of reason behind it. A lot of people run on the assumption of hunches and past experiences. Sometimes this works. Other times it doesn”t. If you really want to make the most out of your business decisions, though, you truly have to use analytics. Analytics come in lots of different shapes and sizes, so it”s up to you to be able to find and interpret the ones that match your context.

Three brief examples of where analytics would be beneficial will get you thinking about the next steps for your business. First, there are analytics concerned with general business reporting. Then, there are lots of analytics that deal with website design and user experience. And when you are initially planning your business, you can use big data and associated analytics to make better decisions before you even launch.

General Business Reporting

Start with general business reporting analytics. During the course of your day, your week, and your month at your business, things are going to happen. Sales will be made. Purchases are a big part of your cash flow. You can just assume these numbers are going to take care of themselves as long as you keep up your bottom line in a bank account. But especially if you want to appeal to investors, utilizing business analytics in a way that reports your statistics in an approachable manner can be a massive competitive advantage in a tight industry.


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Website Design

One of the first things that you do when you begin to set up a website is to figure out how many people are coming through and how much time they are spending their period to do this, you use web-based analytics. Plenty of these services are even free through major browsers. More complicated analytics are available through other companies and brands, and this information is absolutely crucial for your continued success online. You”ll find that many website design templates these days come with analytics capabilities built-in, which gives you even less of an excuse not to use them.

Business Planning Using Big Data

Finally, when you are initially creating a business plan, there is lots of uncertainty. However, if you figure out how to use big data trends to make your initial foray into a new industry, you”ll find that you have a much more accurate outlook concerning your chances for success. There is no reason not to use analytics and big data before you get started because you”ll have to use it one way or another at some point to try to edge out your competition. Those who try creating business plans without data are the earliest ones to fail.

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