What do you need to know about Metal Cutting?

It is critical to have the right and best metal cutting tools for any type of manufacturing operation. In the machining industry, for manufacturers like Tru-Cut LLC, cutting tools are an integral part of the job. The importance of metal cutting tools increases with time and these are part of the manufacturing processes for a long time. The processes in manufacturing industries include drilling, welding, milling, profiling, and cutting need some precision tools for metal cutting.

If you are a part of the manufacturing industry, then you are well aware of metal-cutting tools and how imperative they are, for amongst other things, the fabrication of custom machined parts. Various types of tools are available in the industry to finish the job in a good manner. Let us have a look at the metal cutting tools which are given as follows:

What do you understand by metal cutting tools?

With the help of the shear deformation process, the prime motive of metal cutting tools is to remove leftover material from a piece of metal. Two types of metal cutting tools are widely used in industries such as single point tools and the other one is a multi-point tool.

  • Single-point tool

By using the cutting edges in the field of shaping as well as turning procedures, the single-point tools are used to remove the extra material that is not required. 

  • Double-point Tool

On the contrary, these tools are an integral part of critical processes such as milling, grinding, and drilling.

Kinds of metal cutting tools 

Let us have a look at the types of metal cutting tools that are also used by ceratizit.com


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  • Die-cutting machines: These machines are used to cut material from paper, fabric (Chipboard), and other such similar materials. It is easy to keep these machines on the top of the crafting table, and the small area is enough to store it.
  • Drills: These are a primary tool used to make small and round holes in the material. It rotates fast and moves rapidly to make a hole in any type of hard metal. Hammer”s function is also included in some power drills and fitted with a bit.
  • Punches: It is a hard metal rod which is usually struck by a hammer. Moreover, it has a sharp tip at one end and on the other end, it has a blunt. It is widely used by carpenters for striking purposes. It can strike the hard metal easily and drive objects such as nails into the metal. 
  • Reamers: Reamer is a rotary tool that is used for metalworking. This metal cutting tool is designed to increase the hole that is already constructed. 
  • Cutting Taps: To create internal threads, machinists used this cutting taps to do their job. This metal cutting tool is used to remove the materials from the tapped hole. These are quite versatile and easily used for several types of materials. 

Now, you are aware of what types of metal cutting tools are being used in the manufacturing industries. All these tools are used by Ceratizit.com.  

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