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Finding a job seems easy for some – and it’s partially true. Do you know why? The market is currently in lack of competent professionals and specialists, that’s also why we have more and more headhunters that are searching for professionals like such.

But it can also be hard for some of us – therefore we need to put a little bit more effort into finding a job than the others. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We appear to appreciate something more if we have to put up a fight to get it in the first place.

If you are one of those who need or just want to try and find a job of their dreams on their own – then this is the perfect place for you to be, and an excellent article for you to read: here we’ll give you some tips how to create a persuasive resume.

Look For Good Examples: Inspiration


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It’s always a good idea to get inspired at first, especially if you haven’t written or recently updated a resume, perhaps you had a long-time career in one company but decided to change your career path? It might seem difficult to start fresh from scratch, but try to look at it the other way and motivate yourself: you can create an entirely new concept that represents you.

If you have a specific job position that you want to land, you can search for resumes that were created by people who work in that professional field. Another great way to inspire yourself before building an entirely new resume is browsing LinkedIn. You’d be surprised how creative people can get here – it doesn’t have to be a plain list of your work history, achievements, and skills. You can add projects, create presentations and so much more. You can create a profile that will get thousands of views.

Use Professionally Pre-made Templates For Your Resume

After you’ve gotten some inspiration and feel extremely motivated, find some resume templates that were made by people who know how to do it best. You can see some great resume templates on Here you won’t only have to choose them by design. You will pick by functional features that meet your professional goals. You’d be surprised how many different categories of resumes there are: functional, modern, basic, creative, executive, and even college – students can use this one.

Highlight your Pros and Hide Your Cons

For those of you who had quite some career experience in your life, it might be quite overwhelming when you think how to fit all these pages of experience on your resume. Well, the solution is way more straightforward than you think – just don’t.

Keep your resume oriented to a specific goal – choose a career path you want to follow and only add those experiences to your new resume that represent these goals.

If you want to become a sales executive, then leave out the unnecessary experience from college when you worked in a coffee shop and that modeling photoshoot you did in your twenties. Highlight what’s really important: recruiting a new sales team, leading a sales team, applying new strategies to reach the highest revenue and similar achievements.

Always Add a Motivational Letter to Your Resume


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Show your new future boss you actually care. By caring, we mean caring about the goals of the company, their virtues, their history, business parts where you could participate, grow, and bring a higher revenue. Also make it look like it has actually been written for this specific company and this precise job position. Show them you are serious about working with this company. Show them you’re not just desperate to find a job faster, prove them they are the ones you are looking for and the ones you can’t wait to start working with.

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