Things you are doing wrong when you pick out a new car

Since its first invention and rollout, buying a new car for a man has always been equivalent to a woman choosing her perfect wedding dress. It just shouldn’t go wrong! But in the 21st century, even the womenfolk are equally interested in owning their own vehicles and customizing them as per their sense of taste and adrenaline. Luxury sedans, stylish sports cars, muscular 4x4s, or basic saloon cars; be it an investment worth £5000 or £50,000 (or more), you’d want a vehicle that gives you more smiles per mile and less headaches per day. And to help you make the most out of your hard-earned money, we list down the most common mistakes that people do while picking out a new car:

(Not)knowing what you need it for.

Most people get bombarded with opinions and suggestions by their friends and colleagues when they first let out their plans of buying a new car. Everybody has a different opinion and most of these opinions are based upon two things; the budget and most importantly, the area of usage. Your team leader might be a part-time adrenaline junkie and would perhaps use his car in an auto-drome during the weekend and thus, owns a car that is more inclined towards performing at high speeds. As a result, his opinion would lean towards the sports genre. However, your main purpose might just be the daily official commute and a bit of picnicking during the weekends. The same example could also be the other way around. Hence, knowing the purpose of usage before swiping your credit card is of the highest importance.


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Leather over cloth?

Pizza over burger? Samsung over iPhone? These are all the same debates and have usually ended without the seeker of the answer getting a satisfactory result. However, for a wise buyer, making this choice can be much easier than conferencing a fierce debate. Leather seats might be your first choice, owing to its luxurious look and pleasing smell every time you take a seat. Nevertheless, for those who live in the hotter regions of the world, or for those who have to park their car outside (without a shading roof), leather seats can turn out to be an annoying factor. As a matter of fact, cloth would be the clear winner even in extremely cold weather conditions. However, when it comes to stain resistance, status symbol and safety from allergies, leather holds the upper hand. Make your choice with these factors always in your mind.

Don’t let fuel fool you.

Yes, crude oil has been at an all time low in the recent period and the future looks shaky too. But, don’t be in the dogma of buying a car that is not fuel efficient to satisfy your luxury based on crude oil prices only. A study by the Independent magazine shows how fuel prices haven’t declined as much as they should have in relation to the price of crude oil. Don’t let the global trend fool you into buying a non-fuel-efficient vehicle. A few months here and there can change the direction of fuel rates to an alarming rate. Always opt for a fuel-efficient vehicle even if it leads to a less fancy model. You will thank us in the long run.


Without a doubt, car maintenance is a ‘main’ cost, second only to the vehicle cost itself. Most people end up buying a car that has a popular and sumptuous name in the market but does not even have a single authorized maintenance agency within their city. Such vehicles suffer a huge setback when it comes to a healthy car life cycle. In addition, the spare-part costs of some vehicles can be exorbitantly high based on the make and country of origin. Inspite of being manufactured in Europe, many European cars have spare-parts that are costlier than cars of the Asian origin. Usually because of the high cost of labor in Europe. As a result, the buyer must be sensible enough to keep the long-term maintenance costs in his/her mind before picking the right vehicle. However, regardless of your car maker, Kwik Fit deals will help you reduce your repair and service costs with their attractive offers.

Do not jump into the purchase.

You do not have to buy a vehicle just because everybody else at your office or high school owns one. Wait for a while, if necessary. Especially for those of you who are planning to purchase a vehicle through bank finance. The EMI must be patiently calculated and should be matched with your ‘essential’ monthly living costs before proceeding further. Bear in mind that a bus/metro ride is a better option than buying a car which might leave you with no money to pay for the school fees. In addition, there are banks that provide interest-free EMIs at a higher down payment. Would that be the right choice even if it means waiting for a few extra months? Be honest with yourself and realistic with your budget.

Good things take time to happen, but when they do, they leave you with the highest level of happiness and content. Owning a car is one such thing. So before you head to the nearest showroom, make sure you keep the above points in mind and discuss them like a pro with the car salesman.

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