The Tuneskit DRM Media Converter For Mac

If you are an IOS device owner, you must be aware that you cannot play your iTunes digital media files on Android or any other devices. The reason of the same is because iTunes media files have a DRM protection for unauthorized access so that the digital content cannot be copied or transferred to other devices. But to remove these restrictions, we need to use a DRM removal software and get those media files decrypted.


The conversion of audio files from the MV4 to the MP4 format is vital when you pull something off of iTunes. You might not have known that this was possible, but the Tuneskit DRM Media Converter helps to Fair Play DRM protection and have unlimited access to your media files. You must use the correct converter to get your music ready to listen, and this list of instructions shows how the converter works.

Key Features of Tuneskit DRM Media Converter:

  • DRM Removal: Remove DRM losslessly.
  • Convert all iTunes Videos.
  • Support all popular devices
  • 30X faster conversion speed
  • Free upgrade & prompt support

DRM Media Converter For Mac Review

TunesKit is very popular company for providing ultimate DRM removal solutions to customers. TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac is one of the most influential software developed by TunesKit. As the title suggests the main functionality of this tool is to remove DRM encryption from the purchased media from iTunes. Customers can easily decrypt their media files in iTunes by using a simple process. It utilizes the most advanced version of DRM decryption concept so that the removal process work at amazingly faster speed.

This program is one the best DRM Removal program that can remove DRM protection from Itunes music, WMV video, PDF, eBook legally. This software has got a fantastic elegant user interface, and any new user can easily understand without any trouble. It has been designed explicitly for nontech savvy people to remove DRM protection from the media files.

Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Mac also convert any protected video, music & songs, even HD videos and produces DRM free video & audio files that you can enjoy on your IOS devices, PSP Blackberry, Android Phone, etc. without restriction. If you have downloaded DRM protected videos, songs, and music, you must discover that how annoyingly that is not being able to transfer legally purchased media files to your Apple devices because of the DRM protection of Media files. Below is the simple process to remove DRM with DRM Converter for Mac.

How to Remove DRM with DRM Converter for Mac?

1. Download the Program

The first step is to download the program from the official site. The program itself must be saved to your computer. You cannot use it on a mobile device, and you need access to all the files on the device. You are pulling your music files from the computer for conversion, and they must be saved to a folder that you can access.

2. Choose the Files

Once the program is downloaded and installed on your Mac, open the program and you must choose the files, you plan to convert, and they must be the MV4 that you see as standard in iTunes. If you are trying to use another type of file, they will not work. If you believe that you have a file that should be converted, check the extension first. There are programs that work with other types of files, and you must make the change to another program.

3. Download the File

Let the file go to work inside the program, and it is converted over the course of several minutes. The program tells you how much longer it takes, and it lets you know when it is completed. Choose as many files as you want to convert, and repeat the process over and over. This program also supports batch conversion, i.e., you can convert multiple files in one go.

4. Choose a Destination

You must choose a destination that you want to leave the files. The program drops the files in that location, and it renames the file with the new MP4 extension. You must choose a folder that is easy to find, and you see that the program does the rest of the work. Once you have set up the program, you can convert all your files in seconds.

5. Why Convert?

You must convert all your songs when you want to listen to them on other players. You might like iTunes just fine, but you might want to use another player on your mobile devices. Because of this, you must convert all your iTunes music to a format you can use.

6. Why Tuneskit?

Tuneskit is the easiest of these programs to use in the industry, and it is much simpler to use because of the advanced interface. You are given a tutorial as you start, and you are walked through the process of converting your files. Each file is sent to the correct folder, and the Tuneskit lets you convert files of any size. You might be turning an opera, and there is a way to fit that large file into a new format.

Make sure that you have the Tuneskit on each of your computers. There are many beautiful songs that you might listen to in MP4 format after conversion, and you can pull them all out of iTunes to use on other media players.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a media love and you are actively purchasing music and videos from iTunes, then Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Mac is your buddy to enhance the experience with all the entertainment sources. The company offers regular updates, and if you face any issues, you will get instant support from the customer care team. So what are you waiting for, just download the program and convert your iTunes media files? If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to post in the comment section below.

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