The Best Writing Apps for Kids at Home and in the Classroom

Writing is an essential skill that kids need to learn in school and at home. For some kids, it is simple to start writing their thoughts on a piece of paper while others find it difficult to write a sentence when they pick up a pencil. There are different writing apps available that can help your kids get started and became good in regular and creative writing. From making your kids handwriting better to write a creative and well-crafted essay there are apps for everything.

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Here are a few of the best writing apps that your kids need to have in their digital toolbox for better writing. These apps will help your kids learn punctuation, grammar, composition, and handwriting. 


This app is available on the Apple store only at as low cost as possible at $3.99. This app helps young kids to learn writing numbers and letters and allows them to do the practice they need. This app has customized options with different letter styles and the ability for both right-handers and left-handers. Prize and fun animation are also part of this app to keep children motivated throughout learning. 


This app is available for both android and apple devices. If schools buy this app for their students it costs $4.99 per year per student. But for individual use price is different for different features and starts at $4.99 a month. 

This app teaches young kids with cursive and printing with the help of beautiful animation and graphics. It gets kids to captivate that most of the time they will forget that they are learning something. 

iWrite Words: 

This app is available on the apple store only with subscription charges of $2.99. This apps helps children to practice counting along with learning writing. There are numbered paths for every letter, all the child has to do is drag a letter according to its number to complete the word. Once the word is completed this app rewards child with a beautiful and cute drawing. 


Another writing app for apple devices only with subscription charges of $5.99. It teaches children different parts of speech funnily and excitingly. This app captures the attention of kids through short, animated, and musical videos. Quizzes in this app allow parents and teachers to track the progress of their kids. Some people call this app Rock for the 21st century as well. 

Grammar Pop: 

With a minimum cost of only $1.99, this app is available on the Apple store only. This app has 28 sentence levels designed for children to complete. Kids need to match the word with parts of their speech through different levels. As the kids move through higher levers time gets shortened and the sentence becomes longer. It also allows kids to play the game in practice mode where kids have unlimited time to complete a sentence. 

Grammar Smash: 

This is a free app available on the Google play store. You can remove ads and find some additional features with a payment of $2.99. This is an excellent application for ESL students. It has games to play for practicing your grammar and writing skills. 

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