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Not that long ago, a freelance writer ran his or her business through a neatly arranged home office. Typically a small room tucked away in the corner of the entrepreneur’s home, this office was rigged with essential gadgetry: a PC (or typewriter), land-line telephone, facsimile machine, and printer stocked with reams of paper to be inked on and snail mailed or messengered to editors galore.

But today, all the writer needs is a smartphone.

Though laptop computers became common in writers’ offices in the mid-1980s, in the neighborhood of $3,500 apiece (which would be about $7,321 today after adjusting for inflation) they weren’t practical for the aspiring author to purchase.

Many writers were basically stuck with ink and paper in a world trying to get away from it.

But then came BlackBerry…

Though BlackBerry became the popular name we knew them by, that’s not the title of the company that made the hand-held devices which retain a small but dedicated following today. RIM, or Research in Motion Limited, has long been known as the professionals’ go-to firm.

The writer’s universe changed after the release of the admittedly less-than-sleek 7210 in 2003, a boxy but functional device designed for people who are serious about taking care of business all the time, from anywhere.

Though it wasn’t the first BlackBerry device created, it was the first that came with document capability. Using the device’s signature berry-like QWERTY keyboard, the writer could type speedily away on his newest novel while riding the Red Line to his or her day job … garnering inspiration from a coffee shop, or while absorbing those rays of sunshine from a park bench which were so often missing from the writer’s pasty-faced life.

Fast forward to the Z10

Technology has sped beyond the days of the noisy dot matrix and into a whole new world of efficiency. Fortunately, the writer’s life has followed along for the ride.

Your home office may have been condensed to fit into a briefcase, or, even better, your pocket. It can now literally go anywhere and do anything for you.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the company’s first device that doesn’t have a physical keyboard. It’s completely touchscreen operated, which makes use and appearance sleek, smooth, and hassle-free.

Not only does it offer improved document creation capability through the Docs To Go app, but BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Hub provide client support, updates, and a huge database of new apps, which will likely dispel all the commonplace complaints about how BlackBerry devices are behind the smartphone times.

Some games, but all business

It’s doubtful the Z10 (and the upcoming Z30) will ever be quite the same as an iPhone or Android. But truly, that would be comparing apples to oranges: They’re all fruits, but of a different nature.

Where Apple and Android give consumers fun perks such as multi-megapixel cameras and unlimited free game downloads, BlackBerry remains focused on business, as illustrated by its unique at-a-glace Hub index.

And through a website like CheapPhones.com, the Z10’s advantages can be purchased at a ridiculously discounted rate. Even one cheap enough for the poor aspiring writer.

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