Social Media Sites That Will Save Your Kitchen DIY Project

If you’ve already kicked off a kitchen DIY project and have hit a brick wall, you may feel a little concerned, and rightly so. Working on a kitchen project can be challenging to say the least and with all of the appliances, counter tops and cabinets involved it can be a disaster waiting to happen. So where do you go for help after deciding that enough is really enough? The obvious choice is to call up your local contract firm, but how much are they going to charge for their expert help? This article is looking at another approach that will not only cost you a bean, but could also help you to make a silk purse out of the proverbial pig’s ear. Yes, we are talking about social media!

Why Bother?

If you have no issues with a budget then by all means check out those local guys for a good job, but if you’re saving for your next vacation, why not try this method first? With probably 1.5 billion happy souls on social media, just imagine how many of them have kitchens and know a thing or two about how to fix them up. With social media, you only get out what you put in, but you will be surprised at the ‘socialROI’ you can easily generate.


Houzz is regarded as the Wikipedia of home improvement and it is not hard to see why. No matter what part of the home you are trying to sort out, Houzz will have oodles of information and inspiration on tap. Once you’ve created your profile, simply set the search functions to all things kitchen related and you’ll soon inundated with some stunning options. You can share the best choices with your Facebook buddies and soon you’ll have everybody and his wife talking about your fabulous new kitchen project.


Pinterest is now officially the 3rd largest social media platform and it is all about being visual baby! Once you’ve joined the site you can start gleaning ideas from other member’s inspiration boards. The search facility is second to none and we guarantee that your board will soon be a thing of beauty. You can createa new board for each and every kitchen appliance and feature, and eventually you’ll have the perfect set.

The Big Boys

Yes, Facebook and Twitter will also be able to offer a good deal of value to your kitchen renovation project. On Facebook you can simply set up a Fan Page and invite your buddies to check out the ideas that you have to rescue that poor room. Or you can do a search on kitchen DIY and see if you can join a few of the communities who love nothing better than shooting the breeze about the best granite worktops. Twitter is best utilised by creating a new Hashtag dedicated to your project and using this to attract some interest about your dilemma. Eventually you’ll hit gold and the kitchen will rise from the ashes like a DIY phoenix.

Happy Now?

By using these sites in the correct manner, we are sure that your DIY woes will be a thing of the past – Good Luck!


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