Signs You Might Be Incapable Of Living Without Technology

These days almost anything can be replaced by technology.  From cars that drive themselves, to Amazon’s infamous dash button when you run out of something and need a replacement.  Some people depend on technology so much that you have to wonder how they could ever get by if technology suddenly weren’t available to them.  These days many people even go to rehab for a technology addiction the epidemic has gotten so serious.

Are you one of these people?  Or do you think that you could rely on your survival skills without the use of technology if you were forced to be without it?  Take a look at some of the signs you might just be totally incapable of living without technology.

You Can’t Find Anything Without Google Maps

If you’re walking down the street trying to find a place you’ve never been before and your first instinct is you turn to Google Maps rather than following the street signs and numbers, you may just have lost your navigational skills.


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Some people are so reliant on the use of GPS that they have no idea which way is north or south.  If they are in the middle of trying to locate a place and their signal disappears, watch out!  These are the people that will go into a full fledged panic wondering how they can ever possibly get to their next location.  The idea of asking for directions doesn’t even cross their minds, and maybe they don’t even know that paper maps exist.

You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Used a Pen

Once upon a time people used to hand write letters, can you even imagine?  Grocery lists were on tiny scraps of papers that you would check off by hand as you went along.  People had pens and journals instead of blogs, and instead of Google Calendar, people had nice little leather bound agendas that they would carry around with them holding all of their schedules and phone numbers.

If you can’t even remember the last time you used a pen and as you’re reading this are wondering if you even have a pen anymore, then you might definitely be a slave to the smartphone.  It’s become so easy these days to simply whip out your phone and type in everything from an email if you’re thinking of someone, to your grocery list which is simply in the palm of your hand.

80% Of Your Bank Statement Is From

If you look at your bank account you might be one of the many people to find that just about every other charge is Amazon. Now that the website superstore offers everything from groceries to just about any other item you can think of in under a minute, it’s become one of the most convenient services on the planet.

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