Should You Buy Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets for Your Staff?

If you have ever been responsible for deciding whether or not to buy items of technology for staff before, you will know that it is a decision with a lot riding on it. If you’re wrong, there’s the potential that you may run the risk of having wasted your money to be left with lazy and unproductive employees. However, if you get this decision right it can be very rewarding and there is nothing better than a satisfied, happy and productive workforce. If you’re thinking of purchasing smartphones, tablets or laptops for your staff we’ve put together a list of which are the best items to consider.

Where is the Work Carried Out?

When deciding whether or not to purchase a smartphone, tablet or laptop for a member of staff, one of the first and most important questions that you should be asking in order to help you to decide is whether or not this member of staff conducts their work remotely or not. If a person is mainly based in the office, a laptop would be the smartest choice, however if they spend a large percentage of their time working from home or travelling for work, choose a smartphone or tablet. If you opt for a smartphone it is a good idea to purchase unlocked handsets, or visit Unlocking Smart.


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What Type of Work?

After you’ve determined which of your staff would work better with a laptop, smartphone or tablet depending on whether or not they work remotely, it’s also a good idea to determine the kind of work that is carried out remotely by your employees. Does their job involve answering the phone and replying to e-mails, or do they use specific applications and programs to record and enter data and information? You should pay attention to the user to determine which item of technology the work that they do is best suited to.

Physical Limitations

When it comes to technology devices, especially smartphones, it’s important that they’re suitable for the person who’s going to be physically using them. For example, there is no much point buying a small, slim smartphone for somebody who’s got large fingers – they’re going to find it difficult to use. Instead of jumping to conclusions, if you’re planning on buying smartphones, laptops or tablets for your staff, you might find that it’s a better idea to give them a list to choose from that is within your budget range, and let them choose an item that they know they will use and will work well with them. This is a good way to avoid any wasted money when it comes to picking and choosing different forms of gadgets for your employees – plus it’s a good way to increase productivity and boost morale.

Which would you buy for your employees to use at work– a smartphone, laptop, or tablet? If you’d like to add any advice to the list for other business owners and managers, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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