Questions to Ask Before Designing a B2B Mobile App for Your Business

The B2B landscape now has changed drastically if you compare it to five or six years ago. For instance, over 50% of the buyers now are Millennials, so you have to massage your message to make it palatable to their unique tastes.

However, the market is too large to ignore. And companies now have become more innovative in the way they approach B2B transactions. They exploit new technologies and often hire an app design agency to build customer-facing or employee-facing tools.

According to the 2019 B2B US Ecommerce Market Report, e-commerce transactions surpassed $1 trillion for the first time back in 2018. It clearly shows a shift in the market, as wholesalers and distributors were making significant profits on business customers rather than individual customers.


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But as you know, for every success, there are a hundred other failures. It is the reason why you need to be creative in sourcing out technology tools, software apps, and mobile solutions to leverage your core advantages.

Here are a few questions you should entreat before contacting an app design agency to build a B2B mobile app for your company.

1. How can the B2B mobile app help your business?

What is your endgame? Why should you invest in a mobile solution that will likely cost you big money? You need to review your marketing strategy to identify gaps in the approaches and implementation. You need to outline the benefits of the mobile app to increase your sales, elevate your brand, enhance customer engagement, reduce errors, lower costs, and boost productivity.

2. Who is your target market?

According to Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, B2B Industry Head, Google, the B2B buyers now are getting younger, between 18 and 34 years old. In 2013, the age group comprised 24% of B2B buyers, but in 2015, it rose to 46%. The one defining characteristic of Millennials is that they respond well to technology. A mobile solution will likely resonate with them more than their older counterparts.

Another characteristic of a young B2B buyer is that the price is not a deal-breaker for them. They are not afraid to pay for the cost as long as you can show value. If they feel the benefits will outweigh the expense, then the money is no issue.

So, keep that in mind when you do hire an app design agency to develop a mobile app for you.

3. Can your website perform the same functions?

If your website is performing redundant functions, then a B2B mobile app is a waste of money. The software solution should add value, and you need to compute whether or not it is more cost-efficient to optimize your e-commerce website rather than building a separate technology from scratch.

In conclusion, your competitors are probably using B2B mobile apps to enhance their services on multiple devices and platforms like iPads, smartphones, tablets, and the like. It is one area in your business that you should pay close attention to, so you won’t be left behind by the competition.

With that said, B2B mobile apps are critical for customer and employee engagement. What is surprising is that even today, B2B marketers still hesitate to try out mobile solutions to optimize the customer experience across marketing touchpoints.

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