Planning the Well-Connected Vacation: Making Technology a Priority

It feels good to be plugged into technology. For all the complaints about phones and mobile devices making people less present in the real world, there”s the counterargument that having connections to each other and the web – with all of its information – is making us better people and better allowing us to appreciate the entirety of the human experience.

Which is why, if you”re planning on going on a vacation any time soon, you may want to figure out in advance how well connected you”re going to be. And that means that major resorts are a better bet, you should call ahead about internet connections, looking at cellphone tower maps isn”t a bad idea, see if things like Uber are in the area you”re headed to, and consider about the food-order possibilities through electronic means.

Heading To Major Resorts

As far as connectivity goes, vacationing at well-known resorts is one of the best ways to ensure that all of your gadgets will have power and connection over strong services. Even if you want the rural feel to your trip, knowing that the infrastructure is there to connect you with broadband internet is still going to be a comfort.


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Calling Ahead About Connectivity

And no matter what you assume to be true about LTE signals or wi-fi and cable services, it’s always good to call ahead to individual places that you’ll be staying at to make sure of things. In addition, there are still some hotels that will charge you for internet availability, so be sure to ask questions about pricing as well, so you won’t be surprised later. If the service is free, confirm whether the service is password protected and secured. If it is unsecured, you should not use it unless you have first connected to a VPN.

Looking at Cellphone Tower Maps

If you look at cellphone tower maps, you”ll get a better idea about what kind of service you”ll get at your vacation destination as well. And yes, which provider your phone is under will make a difference! And there”s not much you can to do change your phone services, so it”s smarter to just make sure you”re in an area that already well-covered.

Using Apps and Uber-Style Services

If you”re vacationing into a larger urban area, one extremely convenient application of technology that can make your trip a far better experience is if you can use Uber or a related app for transportation. The onset of this technology has created opportunities to move around during journeys much more conveniently than before, when taxis were the only option.

Food-Ordering Possibilities

And as silly as it sounds, being connected through the web and your mobile devices when you”re out traveling also means that you have the opportunity to order food through the net! A few quick clicks, a view of a menu, a push of a button, and food is on the way!

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