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Have you noticed that more and more of your customers are asking about PGP encryption, or are eager to find new ways to add multiple layers of security to their telecommunications? There’s a growing demand for greater security in email and instant messaging as employers, governments, and cybercriminals become more adept at intercepting emails. If you want to grow your business by expanding into PGP encryption, you can partner with a company that specializes in encryption for what many already regard as the securest smartphone on the market, the BlackBerry.

Someone sending emails or instant messages through an encrypted BlackBerry enjoys the security of knowing that the body of their message, as well as any attachments and photos, will be incomprehensible and meaningless to anyone intercepting their emails. In a world of increased cybercrime (annually, nearly 600 million people are victims of cybercrime), businesses and governments alike are finding that they need tougher security in their day-to-day lives, and they need a reliable, affordable option.


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When you’re choosing a company to partner with to provide PGP encryption for BlackBerry devices, look for someone who can provide same day set up, someone who owns their own servers and never outsources, someone who provides a variety of plans, and someone who provides competitive wholesale pricing. In addition, some of the features worth looking out for that are offered by the company Myntex include:

  • Coverage across the globe
  • 24-hour support for resellers
  • White labelling at no extra cost where you can provide the encryption service under your business’s brand, an especially useful marketing option that will be appeal to customers who know and trust your brand.
  • Referrals to end customers in your region
  • One-on-one sales coaching to support your success

You can find more information on the breakdown of subscription prices and the potential value of partnering with a PGP encryption company to your business by visiting and requesting further information for resellers.

In a more closely monitored world, more people are looking for ways to make sure that their communications are only read by the people they intend to receive them, no matter who is trying to watch. Encryption is like the digital equivalent to an envelope – if you skip the envelope, you may as well be writing an open letter. With more companies monitoring their employees’ email, more governments spying on their own citizens as well as foreign nationals who do business there, and an increase in the kind of financial information that is disseminated digitally, more people are turning to encrypted BlackBerry devices to keep their information private. For many businesspeople, their communications are also regulated by law, and they need to invest in more secure methods in order to meet regulations on their industry. You can meet growing global demand for secure communications by reselling PGP encryption from a company like Myntex to the customers who need it most. When it comes to security, you need a company that keeps its own data centres, never outsources, and provides critical 24-hour support. Contact an encryption company today and learn how you can meet a growing market of smartphone users.

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