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Today’s time schedule is quite hectic as life has become too busy for everyone whether they are professionals, children etc. Thus no one has time for themselves or caring for themselves but always busy and devoting maximum time to work, jobs, studies etc. All these straightforwardly attacks on health of every person whether adult, old aged people or children, homemakers or working women etc. Thus the concept of online therapy has become more popular than traditional therapy and online therapy is also known as internet therapy or e-therapy or distance therapy, internet psychotherapy etc. The online therapy provides an online platform with multiple online therapy sessions by the licensed counselors sharing their positive experiences. Online therapy can be used by anyone from anywhere and anytime and it assists the users with their wellness and mental health. Online counseling is the provision of providing counseling services of professional mental health and wellness through the internet. These services are either offered through the emails, texting, voice messaging, audio messaging, chatting, video conferencing etc. The expert therapists are easily available online for any type of health issues- physical, mental, psycho etc. and the therapists related to that particular health issues are available. These services are highly affordable and beneficial and out of busy schedule one can easily avail these services for their better health and wellness while at work or at home. Whenever problem arises, complete readymade solutions are available in online therapies which benefits a lot to the users by giving them complete satisfaction and comfort. The online counseling is fast becoming highly popular and famous than the traditional therapy. There are various pros and cons of online therapy as follows:

Pros & Cons of Online Therapy


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The foremost benefit of online therapy is its accessibility as it overcomes all the barriers from seeking the therapy like people living in remote areas or the rural areas can also be benefitted by the accessibility of online therapy. Highly beneficial for physically disabled people, people suffering from hearing or visual impairments. It also encourages the teenagers and children who feel more comfortable and relaxed by receiving therapy on the internet. The client and therapist can easily communicate thus providing convenience of corresponding with each other. Thus therapists would be able to extend their services and will help those people who are suffering from social phobias, anxiety or agoraphobia etc. The web counseling is highly affordable for both client and counselor or therapists. It eliminates the social stigmas which are associated with the receiving of therapy. People who are afraid of facing face to face communications will be benefited a lot by this therapy.


Online counseling is criticized due to lack of micro skills, difficulties occurs in maintenance of security & confidentiality, lack of verbal and non verbal cues, technological difficulties, inappropriate for any clinical diagnosis such as psychotic, chronic depressions etc., lack of face to face interactions results in the risk of increasing misdiagnosis by the online therapists. Technological difficulties may occur if an internet connection or any other problem occurs. There is no criterion of assurance of online therapists credibility.

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