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Snoopra is a very popular app for anyone who wants to have an easy option to spy on any mobile cell phone. It is a great cell phone spy app. Whether you are using it for maintaining a good check on your workers, or monitoring your kids, functions are always essential. When you implement a mobile cellphone monitoring app, you will always want to observe moment information and will never want that your focus on mobile cellphone customer get to know about it. Just as the functions are essential, so is the turn invisible method that will help you to remain under the surface.


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When you have kids who just walked into young and now asking you for another system that is to say a smart phone, you might feel confused because of the stress of monitoring another system. Take a relax tablet and rationally think for a short time about the advantages a mobile cellphone along with Snoopra can offer to you and to your children:

  • You and your kid will keep in touch 24/7
  • Your kid will learn new stuff

Keeping in view the above advantages you will never get a second thought and will definitely go forward and get mobile cell phones for your kids with Snoopra set up on those.

Snoopra – The Right Parental Monitoring App

Snoopra is not just another mobile cell phone spy app; it is supported by a powerful software designthat is cregularly updateing with an ever-increasing number of functions. With Snoopra, you can observe almost anything that your kids do on their mobile cell phones. The actions that you can observe with include:

  • Access to web internet browser record and list of saved web pages
  • Real-time Geo place monitoring and accessibility place record data
  • Details of all inbound and confident calls
  • Sent/Received sms information along with date and time stamps
  • Access to all connections saved in the cellphone book

Getting Started

To install this cool Snoopra on your kid”s mobile cell phones make sure that their cell phones have appropriate OS edition i.e. Android operating system OS 2.1 or above, BlackBerry OS 5.0 or above, or Apple company iOS 4.0 or above.

Go Ahead!

Go forward and get Snoopra’s registration to keep up with kids activities. If you evaluate its costs with other mobile cellphone spy applications, you will see it is the best app with the best price as a cell phone spy.

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