Is it Worth Getting Specialist Insurance for Your iPhone?

If you are someone who absolutely loves getting your hands on the latest gadgets, and are an iOS fan, then it”s always an exciting, if expensive time when you get the newest iPhone release. The iPhone has now been around for eight years, and if you”re a user, you probably can”t imagine life without it now. This probably means you”d be fairly devastated if your treasured iPhone got broken, lost or stolen.


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As well as being a bit lost without the use of your phone, if something bad happened to your iPhone, you could also end up out of pocket – we all know iPhones are not cheap devices, and so replacing it out of your own pocket is never going to be an easy pill to swallow. If you don”t have the money when a problem occurs, you may even have to settle for a less good phone!

For these reasons, it is always better to make sure your iPhone is covered by some sort of insurance. However, many people assume that their phone and other gadgets will be covered on their home insurance, and therefore don”t insure them separately. This can actually be a big mistake.

Are Phones Covered on Typical Home Insurance Policies?

The average home insurance policy does include some protection for gadgets taken out of the home regularly, such as laptops, tablets and phones, but it is usually very restricted. There is often a high excess and a limit on how much will be paid out for phones, because they are items that are quite commonly stolen or damaged when out and about and this is really not what home contents insurance is for. Your home insurance may also fail to cover your phone if something happens to it while you are abroad.

Keeping Home Insurance Records Up to Date

You may also have to update your home insurance specifying the model you have when you get a new phone to be covered for it at all, as there is so much variation in the cost of handsets. With the newest iPhone being one of the most expensive on the market, if you are relying only on home insurance to protect it you will want to check the terms of your insurance and keep your list of named belongings up to date!

Getting Specialist Phone Insurance

If your iPhone is very important to you, it is always best to get proper iPhone insurance from a specialist provider. This will cover the full cost of repair or replacement, make sure you get a new phone as quickly as possible, and also cover you for all kinds of situations your home insurance will not. It can be cheap, and you can sign up and register your phone with an insurer quickly online to get instant cover.

Being without your phone can be expensive and inconvenient if you rely on home insurance or don”t have any insurance at all. If you depend on your iPhone, buy an insurance policy to protect it right away!

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