The Instax 50s and the Rebirth of Print Photography

The marketplace of today represents the most diverse set of photography tools ever produced, and from HD video cameras such as the GoPro to aerial photography drones, there are an incredible number of tools available to the dedicated modern photographer.

However, with the unexpected popularity of social media trends emphasizing classic photography styles has come the rediscovery of traditional methods like instant photography. The new generation of instant cameras are designed to capture moments as well as images, and you can begin creating treasured personal memories when you get a Fuji Polaroid camera at Harvey Norman.

Contemporary Cameras

Today’s digital cameras have a number of technological advantages compared with older models such as extremely high quality imaging and internal storage, and rugged outdoor models like those in the GoPro line can even withstand moisture, impact and other dangers. A premium device like the GoPro Black  offers 4K quality HD video at 60fps to enable ultra smooth playback and extreme slow motion capability, but even entry level cameras commonly record 720p video and 5-meapixel stills. These cameras are usually marketed at serious photography enthusiasts and carry a high typical price tag.


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Instax Mini 50S

At the other end of the technology scale is the Instax Mini 50S, a camera intended for still photos only. Unlike digital cameras which usually require a memory card for storage of images, the Instax Mini 50S uses a specially designed 10=shot reel to generate instant wallet size prints directly from the device. These prints measure 62mm x 46mm in size, and feature the classic white Polaroid border to allow photographers to enter custom messages directly on the print.

The Instax Mini 50S may not have the image quality of a fully equipped digital camera, but the vintage-style photos turned out by the device benefit from a number of upgrades from older instant cameras. The Instax Mini 50S features auto-flash and an LCD status indicator screen that also serves as a convenient viewfinder, and it also has an automatic self-shooting mode.

Digital cameras must also upload images and video to the Internet in order to share them, while the self-contained Instax Mini 50S delivers the kind of instant mementos that digital video cameras like the GoPro just can’t replicate. Instax prints can also be turned into personal keepsakes, making it an ideal complement to a digital camera at parties and other memorable events.

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