Increased functionality with the new iOS 9

The new iO9 is set to be released in September and will bring increased functionality to your iPhones and iPads. So let’s check out exactly what we can expect with this new update.

  • Increased iO9 compatibility: iOS 9 will be more compatible with older iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices – if they previously ran on iOS 8. This means that the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 are fine for now.
  • A more intelligent Siri: Long needed by iOS users, Siri can now understand more contextual language, making it more responsive and better able to complete tasks. So it might open up an app that you always use each morning – without being asked or if you ask it to remind you to do ‘this’ when you are in an app, it will shuffle off to discover what you mean and add it to your events calendar.
  • An expansion of Apple Pay: Due to its success, Apple Pay is now in Wallet, not Passbook as this apparently reflects its aim of replacing your physical wallet. Many large US stores are coming online and supporting purchases made with Apple pay, so expect more features and functionality here as swell.


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  • Improved Apple Maps: Not too much has changed here and it still needs more work, but you will now have multi-modal public transport routes, as well as directions for finding 300 cities in China.
  • Apple News app: You now have Apple News (similar to Flip board), so you can have your news feeds showing right on your home screen. Just type in your favorite topics or sources and the News app will suggest reading material for you.
  • iCloud Drive app: You can now access, manage and sync all of your documents and files in the iCloud Drive, which is a huge boon to most users.
  • Email attachments: For the first time you can now attach files to your emails from your iCloud Drive or from third party services, such as Drop box – a great new feature.
  • Improved power modes: A new low power mode which will give your hours more juice from your battery. When this is enabled it disables some of your features, such as motion effects and animated wallpapers, prolonging the life of your battery.
  • Multi-tasking on your iPad: This will make a huge difference to people who want to use their iPad for work – you now have multi-viewing windows, so you can watch a video and answer an email at the same time for example. You also have split view, so you can have two apps open at the same time.

There are a host of other new features and functionalities in the iOS 9, so check out the new iPhone 6 available at iiNet and get ready for the new and improved iOS 9 this September.

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