How to recover your lost data from iOS and Android device

Text messages are received fast, even instantly, on your iPhone and Android devices. You enjoy reading them each time, and you want to keep at least a few of them for a longer time. Sending text messages is play an important role in keeping in touch with our friends. However, as on any device, space is limited.

Some of the SMS/text messages are very important for us which we want to keep it forever. From time to time you make cleaning on your device, but you could delete accidentally several text messages which you want to reread. There are some methods used to recover deleted text messages.


Directly Recover Deleted Text Messages From Iphone.

PhoneRescue for iOS helps you to recover deleted items, like messages, contacts, and images from your iPhone. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone and to scan it. Deleted messages are found, and you will have them again.

  • Possibility to recover 31 file types including text messages.
  • It works on different iPhones versions, up to iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X as well.
  • The trial version before to buy the product
  • You can even retrieve lost text messages rapidly even without previous backup.

Step by Step Guide to Recover Deleted Text Messages from an IOS Device

Step 1. Do a physical link between your iPhone and your computer.

To recover deleted text messages from iOS Device, you must connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. To use the feature named Recover Data from iOS Device, you must connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. If you run PhoneRescue, this software automatically detects your device.

Step 2. Select Messages.

You will have three options to recover data from different places. For the deleted text messages, you can use the first option and then click on the text.

Step 3. Scan your iPhone.

After you selected the option to recover from the iOS device, click on the green button Start Scan. While the scan process is running, you can see the data showing up including your text messages.

Step 4. Recover deleted text messages from your iPhone.

You will see all data, but you also have the option to see only the deleted items. Select the text messages you`re looking for and recover them to a computer or your iPhone. By using the same method, you can also retrieve message attachments.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages From Android Devices

PhoneRescue for Android is the tool used to recover different items from your Android device, from many brands like Samsung, Motorola, Google devices, LG, Sony, HTC.

  • Both Android type of devices, phones and tablets are compatible to use the software.
  • Option to select only the files you need to recover.
  • Multiple types of files are supported (messages, contacts, docs, media files, call history, WhatsApp history).
  • Highest data recovery success rate.

Note: You can follow the same steps (as mentioned above) to recover the deleted SMS from your android mobile.

Final Thoughts

PhoneRescue is the most powerful and reliable data recovery software which provides a quick and efficient solution for your data & files. The best part about PhoneRescue is, it can recover lost messages directly to iPhone and Android phones for instant use, i.e., you wouldn”t need to again export the retrieved files from the computer to your mobile phone.

If you lost any data from your IOS or Android mobile or you”re are trying recover deleted SMS, please make sure to try this program once, I”m sure you won”t regret your decision.

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