How to Get the Most Out of Your Allworx Phone System

If you are a business person you probably make and receive a lot of calls every day. This means your phone line might be busy more often than not, and that can be a problem (unless you are willing to miss some important phone calls). In other words, when your office phone rings and you just can’t pick up, you need a system that automatically routes calls to the next available person. You need a reliable phone system.

One of the most popular business telephone systems available is the Allworx 6X, but you probably already knew that since you clicked on an article that was clearly written for 6X owners. The idea here is not go over what a sales representative told you when you bought this unit, the idea here is telling you what you didn’t know this equipment could do for you.

1) Prevent issues with Allworx view

Good companies solve issues; great companies prevent them. If you own an Allworx 6X this system can help your business be one of the great ones. How? Well, there’s a system software feature you can add to your unit, called Allworx View, which allows your staff to get all the information you already have on a certain client when they call. It’s that simple. The phone rings, your employee picks up the phone, and all the caller’s information is there.

On top of saving precious time, with this software feature you will make your calling customer feel important. Think about it. By the time they start explaining their problems or concerns, your employee will already know about other issues your clients have had had before and how they were solved. Actually, this features could help your staff transfer every caller to the proper line/extension while providing everyone involved with all the necessary information each time.

2) Stay connected with Allworx Reach

Our smartphones have essentially become extensions of our bodies. But do you really want to give everyone your personal phone number? Luckily, you don’t have to. If you own a 6X, and add the Allworx Reach feature, you can use your iOS and Android devices as an extension of your business phone. This means, people will call your office phone, but your smartphone will be the one receiving the phone call.

When it comes to customer experience this means that you and your staff can help calling customers from anywhere and they will never know that you are not at the office. This solution integrates all the main functionalities of your Allworx system to your mobile devices. If you want to know more about how this feature works, check the in-depth article regarding this topic published by TelcoDepot on their learning center.

3) Route calls efficiently with Automatic Call Distribution

A poor calling customer experience is one of the most frustrating things there is. When your clientage is often on hold for long periods of time, when customers get shuffled from department to department without having their problem solved, when someone calls your office and gets disconnected halfway through a call, that’s a recipe for disaster.

To deal with this sort of scenarios you need software solutions, such as Allworx Automatic Call Distribution, that distribute queued calls efficiently. This feature for the 6X not only helps you to decrease the number of missed and dropped calls, it could even improve your company’s average on hold times. And all of this, of course, results in a better customer experience.

Every call is important!

An efficient phone system can prevent customers from hanging up. If someone calls your office and the phone rings and rings with no recorded messages explaining what to do or when to call back, that’s a poor experience. That’s an unhappy client. A good phone system will help, but even high-end units like the 6X need the right set of tools. By adding the correct system software features you can prevent issues from escalating and even get to solve your customers’ problems before they even exist. If that’s not a great customer experience, then I don’t know what it is.

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