How to Get Famous On Instagram: 8 Perfect Tips


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What does it mean when we say that someone is Instagram famous? Does it take a certain number of followers? Does it require fame in any other areas of life?

Some people consider an Instagram “celebrity” anyone who has at least 30,000 followers. The good news is that it”s not about what niche you”re posting in or what kind of media attention you can get. The bad news is that reaching this status won”t happen overnight.

So, if you want to know how to get famous on Instagram, buckle up. Whether you already have a modest following or you”re more in “Instagram for beginners”  territory, these tips are for you.

Read on for eight amazing tips that will help you to become Instagram famous.

1. Determine Your Instagram Niche

One of the benefits of Instagram is that we can follow accounts that align with our interests and hobbies. Sure, some Instagram celebrities can pull off the quasi-socialite persona, posting content about what they do and where they go with no specific focus. However, this model won”t work for everyone, and establishing a niche based on an interest or talent of yours will help you to build a loyal audience.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you a) know a lot about it and b) can engage with it for a long time. The goal is to find something specific (like mental wellness, crafting, or baking) that isn”t so specific that you could run out if content in a matter of months.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

When it comes to Instagram fame, anonymity or confusion won”t do you any good. Make sure that you fill out your profile thoroughly, including your name (or pseudonym), your niche or credentials, and anything else that potential followers should know. The more clearly stated your identifying information is, the easier it will be for new followers to find you.

3. Brand Yourself Well

In addition to your niche, think about your brand. What is the persona that you want to present and what language, color scheme, graphic style, or photography style speaks to that persona?

Just like finding your niche, it”s important to establish a brand that works for you and that you truly vibe with. You will need to remain consistent in your branding–and rebranding isn”t easy to pull off.

4. Plan Out Your Posts

Eventually, you may know your followers well enough to post on the fly and still get a good response. For now, you should put more thought into the posts you make, planning them out and scheduling them. Not only will this help you to get to know your own brand and ensure consistency but it will also come in handy if you hit a point early on where you don”t have as much time to dedicate to Instagram as you normally would.

Don”t hesitate to use hashtags and themes when planning out your posts. Have fun with Throwback Thursdays and Follower Fridays and, as your following grows, consider making a few hashtags of your own.

5. Post Every Day

What do we mean when we say that you should schedule your pre-planned posts? When you”re building up Instagram fame, you”re going to need to post every day, and that includes permanent posts and Instagram stories. The goal is to hold on to the attention of your followers without going overboard and coming across as spammy.

One of the best ways to stay consistent is to post around the same time every day. As your following grows, experiment with different times until you get a sense of when your following is most active.

6. Cozy Up With Similar Accounts

It”s practically impossible to choose a niche that no one has ever covered before and the truth is, that wouldn”t benefit you that much, anyway. While you want to differentiate yourself from similar accounts, you can also use those similar accounts to your advantage.

For starters, learn from them. What are they doing that people are responding to? What are they doing that you think could use improvement or that you would avoid?

Instead of considering them your competition, consider them your friends. Be kind and generous to them and reach out whenever appropriate. If they take kindly to you, they may do some promotion for you, putting your account in front of their established following.

7. Focus on Your Following

You have two goals the entire time you”re aiming for Instagram fame: creating great content and gaining new Instagram followers. Great content will go a long way toward increasing your follower count, but you may need to get creative in the early stages.

Remember that Instagram is an algorithm-based platform. The frustrating thing about these algorithms is that the more attention your account has, the more attention Instagram will bring to it. Make sure to get Instagram likes in order to get Instagram followers.

8. Keep Engagement High

So you”re getting close to that 30,000 follower mark. Maybe you”ve just surpassed it. Does that mean that you can ease up a bit on the work you put into your Instagram?

No! As long as you want to keep using Instagram and maintain that Instagram fame, you”ll need to continue producing great content that is valuable to your followers.

How to Get Famous On Instagram: Put in Hard Work

A lot of people wonder how to get famous on Instagram and only a fraction of them manage to pull it off. That”s because all of the tips we”ve laid out for you are hard work. Are you willing to work hard for your dream of Instagram fame?

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