How to Align PR with Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

Due to the growing impact of social media on every industry, PR professionals, such as those from Polkadot communications, are laying more emphasis on this strategy. Nearly 76% of journalists agree that social media sharing helps to promote their stories with significant impact. It helps to connect with a bigger audience because more than 57.5% of customers prefer buying from brands they follow on social media platforms.

Here are some creative ways to align your PR strategies with social media marketing using the help of a professional social media agency.

Define Your Audience and Build the Brand Voice

When leveraging the outreach of your brand through social media and PR, it’s essential to have a well-defined audience and a clear brand voice. It will help if you create messages that work across the platforms concisely and engagingly.

You may also leverage the insights and trends on social media platforms to know more about user personalities and demographics. It begins with an analysis of your current marketing strategies and goes on to create a practical method of social media marketing.

Leverage Content Distribution

Before you align your PR strategies with social media marketing, understand the power of content. Any video or message goes viral not because of pitching but due to the amazing content it carries. Social media increases your outreach across the continents. But, if you use the right content, it works as a catalyst to reach the defined audience.

Original and branded content is a proven strategy that facilitates the promotion of your brand online. PR professionals can control and curate the type of content that’s relevant to the brand values. When integrated with a concise and appropriate platform, communication becomes more effective.


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Integrate Social Media Sharing into PR Campaigns

Press releases and other PR campaigns need strong sharing capabilities to get the message across in minimum time possible. That’s where you can harness the power of social media to distribute your messages quickly.

Embed social media links into your press releases to promote sharing and engagement by the audiences. Get help from a social media agency to create strong content, advertise it, and optimize it on the relevant platforms.

Build Media and Influencer Relations

Every imaginable industry vertical has influencers and thought leaders with their presence on social media. Interact with these professionals and media outlets on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will extend your professional relationships beyond the pitching of press releases.

Share useful information and create conversations with these industry influencers. But, avoid the overload of pitches or press releases when interacting with media professionals. Try paying more attention to what they say on their social media profile and share this information to strike up conversations.

Maintain Consistency in Engagement

Consistency is vital to maintain the effectiveness of every marketing tactic. When you are looking to build a strong and consistent brand presence, create credibility by incorporating your brand’s narrative into every post whenever possible.

Post at least five times every week to grow your presence and check account insights to plan your schedules accordingly.

Hire a social media agency with a team of strategists, content creators, designers, web programmers, and advertising experts to cover every aspect of PR and social media marketing.

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