How The Hiwe reimagines Chat in 2014

Remember what original chat used to be? Website with chat rooms filled with random people who just came online looking to chat with someone, anyone. No friendlists, no followers, no connections just strangers. What happened to that? You don’t see that anymore because todays social networks force you to stick more or less to your circle of either real life acquaintance, followers or such. How are you supposed to meet someone new like that?

The Hiwe certainly took a leap and reimagined the whole experience. Obviously you cant use regular layout of a chat now in 2014 thats why they introduces Memos. Memo according to their words is a square profile picture with a custom message pasted over it. That way other users are far more driven to interact because they have at least some idea whom they are engaging with.

Alongside memos other things that needed some major reimagination was the chat room model. No way the original model would do any good today so what they did, they employed map of the world as a virtual chatroom environment. They encourage people to navigate to a location of interest be it whole continent of North America or your home town and see who is already viewing that location as well. When you open your chat, it determines which location on the glove you are viewing and adjusts content accordingly. You communicate only with people who are in your area of view and the other way around.

Naturally Pravite Talk section is not missing either since it’s a vital part of any chatting framework. If you like someone who dropped a memo or commented to your Memo you are free to commence a Private Talk and continue chatting regardless of location you are looking at.

For now as of April 2014 desktop version is the only option but founders are positive that native smartphone app is being developed. Release date has not been set yet however once it comes it will definitely bring a new set of opportunities how to use The Hiwe compared the original desktop version.

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