Getting Your Computer Into Top Form

If you”re like many people, you spend a lot of time on your computer. And it can be incredibly frustrating if it feels like your desktop is slowing down. For professional reasons, it can be awful if your processor isn”t running at full speed. And for entertainment reasons, as soon as you feel a lag in your browsing and streaming, it can be infuriating.

So what can you do to get your computer into top form again and running as it should? First, you can go and get a professional tuneup. Second, you can learn about your operating system on your computer and find out what you can do to optimize it. Third, you can make sure to clear out any files and applications that you don”t use that may be slowing things down. And lastly, it”s vital that you understand Internet speeds so that you recognize when your computer is slowing down as opposed to your Internet connection being bad.


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Get a Tune Up

If you can afford it or you don”t have any interest in trying to figure out the details of your computer yourself, you can get a tech-support tuneup. A professional will look through all of the usual issues that can happen inside machines, and go through and reset everything accordingly. Sometimes the professionals will do things that you understand, other times they will be more esoteric about what they”re doing. But regardless, after you get a computer tuneup, your desktop should be all the way back up to full speed.

Learn Your Operating Systems

Depending on what type of computer you have, you will have different operating systems that are the central core of your processing power. Apple computers have the Macintosh OS. Other desktops will be running different versions of Windows as an operating system. If you know the basics of an operating system, you know what problems they can run into, especially when it comes to things like memory use.

Clear Out Files and Applications

If you”re not using files or applications, you should clear them out! If your hard drive gets too full, that can slow down your entire computer. So, it should be one of the first things that you do when you start feeling a slowdown happen – anything that you haven”t used in a while, archive it and then get rid of it.

Learn About Internet Speeds

There is a way to ping the Internet to find out what your connection speeds are, and when you learn to analyze that, it will help your troubleshooting process. If you then find out that you have a slower speed than you require or that it”s an unreliable connection most of the time, then it”s advised that you look about for the likes of continuum internet and other Internet Service Providers to ensure that you”re getting a better internet package than the one that”s currently letting you down.

Sometimes a slow-down is because of your computers processing power and memory issues, and other times it has to do with Internet speed. If it”s just your browsing experiences that are slowing down, then look more into your Wi-Fi connections as opposed to your internal computer issues. There is a way to ping the Internet to find out what your connection speeds are, and when you learn to analyze that, it will help your troubleshooting process.

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