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Most people pay way too much on their home theater and end up with below-par experience because they didn’t think it fit to pay attention on the speakers. This is a common mistake observed when people try to set up their home theater themselves. However, if you are ready to spend a bit of time understanding the audio compatibility of your home theater and choose speakers accordingly, you will be amazed with the difference in the overall home theater experience. In this article, we will help you learn more about Speaker & Home Theatre compatibility.

There are numerous online forums which will let you set up your home theater for optimum performance. Alternately, you can have a professional visit your home and study the acoustics to set up an audio-visual experience worth all the money you spent. However, hiring a professional won’t be cheap and you may end up spending a considerable amount of time on his services. A little bit of research on the internet and you could save all this money to buy excellent speakers which are going to enhance your viewing experience.

Placement of the speakers

Most people just place their speakers at a convenient place and forget about it. However, for an incredible sound experience, you need to consider the acoustics of the room as well as the seating positions. To add a bit more technicality into it, you need to create an equilateral triangle with the two speakers and your ears as the vertices. This ensures that both speakers are equidistant from where you are sitting. New preamplifiers now come in a much smaller form that doesn’t take a lot of space, like the McIntosh mp100, and give you the perfect sound for your home theater.

Now, the angle. The speakers should be around 23-30 degrees tilted to where the seats are. The same applies for a 5.1 or higher setups as well.


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Setting your subwoofer

There are no general rules for the placement of the subwoofer. You will have to more or less do a trial and error study to get the ultimate experience. Make sure it is not in any corner or is blocked by any furniture.

Tuning the Speaker Volume

Again, you need to optimize the master volume with respect to where you are sitting to watch the home theater. There are no standard measurements here and it entirely depends on your room set up and furniture arrangement. However, make sure it is not too loud.

However, before any of the above tweaks can be employed, make sure you have an excellent set of Speaker & Home Theatre unit. Happy viewing!

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