Generate Income from Blogs: Here’s How

You have probably heard how people make money through blogging. Perhaps you are hesitant to try it on your own; thinking it does not make enough money to sustain your living. For many, blogging is just a form of self expression wherein people write about their lives, experiences, ideas, etc., but blogging is so much more than that. Blogging is a career.

Now, you probably think it must be difficult to generate income through blogging. Well, every successful person did not make millions on their first day. You just have to be patient and clever to achieve your goals. While it is not impossible to make millions through blogging, there are still series of tips to follow to keep you on the right track.

Tip#1: Strategically decide what to write

Many bloggers in the field would probably tell you to write about something you are interested in. Well, it is mostly the case; that is why only a few people are really successful in blogging. Only few people have this privilege to make money out of something they are passionate about.

The technique is to careful craft the things that you write. For instance, your passion is writing about history, but then you know that you can make more money if you write about business. A smart blogger would take the risk to learn about the new topic and write something essential and profitable out of it. It is not a problem to follow your heart’s desire, but you have to be realistic in some points. You want to make money? Give people what they want, and they will give you what you want.


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Tip#2: Advertise no one but you

A common mistake that most blogger do is to put a lot of ads in their site to lead viewers to those sites that sponsored the blog. Most bloggers get paid only when someone clicks the ads through their page; but more than 50% of people skip reading these ads.  Instead of crowding your blog with someone else’s blogs, why not promote the services that you can offer? In this way, you are promoting no one but yourself. You are not only increasing your market value; this will also make your blog more authentic. Blogs with too many ads in them are often annoying. It is a silly marketing strategy.

Tip#3: Forget about Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Wasting your time in promoting your blog through these social media sites is not giving you more money. Statistics shows that blog visitors from these sites are quite low. So, do not waste your time. There are more productive ways and more effective sites that provide organic search to help boost your search engine result. One example is to be a contributing writer to a certain site wherein you can naturally promote your site in your articles. Studies show that the more you impose something to people, the more they are likely to resist it.

Tip#4: Teach what you learn

It was mentioned earlier that you can learn new things and write about them. Writing something you learned will make your blog more appealing. People like it if you tell them how you learn something, rather than just plainly telling them what you already know. This is actually a win-win situation; you are learning new things and making money out of them.

Osho Garg

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